(Psalms 116:5-9, Proverbs 3:21-26, Matthew 11:27-30)

Return to your rest, my soul!

There in the midst of the sea, its raging storm; in the middle of nowhere, the soul of man strays, whereas, he has a sure, safe and fair haven in the presence of the Lord Jesus. Despite brawling, abuse, cheating and harassing in the club house and in the comity of the ungodly friends while you have an empty and reserved place in the presence of the Prince of peace- the King of kings. Wantonness, prodigality, wastefulness of glory and destiny in an unfriendly territory, far from the Lord while Jesus’ open arms await you. Return to your rest, oh my soul!

Distressed, depressed and miserable in hostility while you are wanted in the congregation of the Lord’s praise; where there is fullness of joy. Searching everywhere for the love that seems not forthcoming, while neglecting Jesus, whose love for you paid a ransom for your life with His life. Return to your rest, oh my soul! Come to Jesus, you have a place in His love.

Thinking all hope is lost and leaving the steering to the control of the wind. Losing confidence in life anchors and letting that which remains to waste away, without much concern, while you neglect the Lord of all whose wonders marked Galilee, Bethsaida, Samaria, Jordan and Jerusalem till today. Even history cannot deny it- firmly irrefutable!

Return to your rest, oh my soul. Return to Jesus, the Prince of peace, He is your rest. Let your anchor hold on to His Holy Word. He is the Creator, He knows the routes of life better than everyone. And He will be the best Captain for your life. Seek Him today. Seek Him now (Matthew 11:27-30).

Prayer Points

1) Thank You Jesus for being my place of refuge from storm

2) Father, however I have tossed or handed my joy and peace to situations, mercy of the Lord retrieve them for me, in Jesus name

3) The power of the death and the resurrection of Jesus releases me from the grasp of condemnation, in Jesus name

4) I have unspeakable joy in Jesus, nothing will steal this from me in Jesus name

5) As a sea return to tranquility, return to your rest, my soul, in Jesus name