(Romans 8:14-15, 2Timothy 1:7, Matthew 14:24-33)
The Word of God says, “…without faith we cannot please the Lord”. Faith is a prerequisite to the answers of our prayers. Faith makes us to manifest the good promises of God for our lives. It gives us the strength needed to patiently wait on God. Every time WE POSSESS FAITH we are connected to God but every time WE LET FEAR POSSESS US, we become disconnected from God.
Faith is like a ship -it conveys all good things to the desired destination. When faith houses them all together and carries them towards the haven of fulfillment; fear comes as the storm to disrupt and abort this great voyage.
We must be sure that our faith stands firm in God, in the power of the Holy Spirit and in the authority of the name Jesus. So friend learn to fight your fear and defeat it. Do not let it sink your ship of faith so that all the good things in it will not be thrown into the sea where whales of life (demons) can consume or destroy them.
Your fear says, “even though God says He can, I cannot trust or rely on Him because the devil can (is able to) do anything”. Your fear exalts the devil but your faith exalts Jesus. Fear comes by listening to the devil and faith comes by listening to God. Annihilate every fear today and see faith delivering your blessings to you!
Prayer Points
1) Spirit of fear you do not belong to me, get out of my life, in Jesus name.
2) Everything that has become my fear, I defeat you, in Jesus name.
3) I receive the spirit of faith, in Jesus name.
4) All the good things that fear has taken from me, faith in Jesus restores them to me today without delay, in Jesus name.
5) Every Christian that has been handicapped or defeated by the devil through fear, Holy Spirit, quicken them in Jesus mighty name.