(Ecclesiastes 11:1-10, Proverbs 27:1, James 4:13-17)
1) Lord Jesus, I come before You and confess all the wrongs I have done against my future.
2) Lord all evil seeds I have sowed into others’ lives and future, knowingly or unknowingly, I confess them and repent from them, blood of Jesus cancel them in Jesus name.
3) Lord, whatever I am sowing today that can destroy my future, reveal it to me and help me to take necessary step for correction, in Jesus name.
4) Whatever I have sowed which can bring hindrance, disgrace, regret or curse on my future or that of my generations unborn, be uprooted and be consumed by fire, in Jesus name.
5) In Jesus name, every good seed I sow today will not be tampered with, aborted or destroyed but will yield great harvest to the glory of God in my life and generations to come.