(Galatians 5:19-21, John 8:44, Luke 13:24-27, Romans 13:11-14, 1 John 3:8).

All the works of the flesh are for the devil. In whoever these are being manifested the devil has a part, hence can lay claim of the person’s because of these reasons. Wherever these is being manifested, the devil has dominion.
The works of the flesh are the issue in question when Jesus was condemning some people as workers of iniquity. The works of the flesh are the works of iniquity. These can never bear fruit unto righteousness, they only can bear fruits unto unrighteousness and condemnation. Therefore, they are tool for our condemnation if we give ourselves to them.
The works of the flesh put the person in between two masters, two kingdom, two dominion… It is a life of struggle. In as much as these are in us which are the condemned work of the devil, Jesus distants Himself from us (this is because when we still claim and confess Jesus with our mouths, our spirits have disown and separated from Him already). The Lord Jesus will not struggle with the devil over you (as He did in Peter’s case) if you are an unrepentant and willful worker of iniquity (in the case of Judas Ischariot). If you give yourself to manifest the works of the flesh which invariably are the works of the devil, the Lord Jesus will keep calling you to repentance. He will not lay claim on you to struggle you with the devil if you are unrepentant and unyielding to His call for repentance (John 8:44).
The works of the flesh are works of darkness (Romans 13:12). The devil uses these works of the flesh as tools against another person. If the devil will need to trouble anybody, he will look for an available vessel (in whom the power and nature of sin still rule) of his that will get the task done for him. If he needs to cause someone to fall into sins of anger he looks for a vessel that is able to cause that. If he must steal from someone, he uses a greedy person to do the task. This means, instead of one giving his body to the Lordship of Jesus to be used, he hands it over to the devil. As he can use one against others through the works of the flesh, same way he uses the person against himself through same works of the flesh. He was able to use the serpent against Eve, at the same time against itself to incur God’s judgment. He used Eve against Adam, as well as against herself to incur God’s wrath on herself. He used Judas Ischariot against Jesus leading to Judas’ eternal bodily and spiritual destruction. If your work is evil, you will be the one to bear the responsibility and judgment for being wicked. If you are selfish, envious, malicious, adulterous, stubborn or cause quarrel often, it is you that bear the responsibility and judgment of such acts (from God and other human beings). Not the devil, he is condemned already and knows his fate! May the Lord help our souls and deliver our souls from the power of hell.
Remember, the devil came to steal, kill and destroy but Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil (flesh) in us that we may have eternal life. However, quite unfortunate, the destruction of the devil (the culprit) will be at the end of times’ judgment. Now, only his works are being destroyed. As it is now, whenever we exhibit the works of the flesh, we are directly or indirectly working for the kingdom of darkness to progress with the agenda of the devil for populating hell. Simply to say, when we exhibit the works of the flesh, at that instance we are working for hell, pursuing its agenda. May the Lord have mercy on us and release us from such fulfillment of the agenda of hell in Jesus name. If indeed the Lamb of God’s takes away the sins of the world, destroys the power and nature of sins, nailing them to His cross and indeed sets us free through His Holy Spirit, no one… no one has any excuse to remain a worker of iniquity anymore.
How can we be delivered from these works of the flesh? Remember, Not through law but through grace and faith in the redemptive work of our lord Jesus at the cross. We cannot save or redeem ourselves by observing or keeping the law because the flesh is weak before the law; even when the spirit is willing. But when we submit and cry out to Jesus to help us overcome them, then he will deliver us. Even when we think, “I will make up my mind not to do these works of flesh anymore”, we experience an internal battle (struggle) being waged against our peace and freedom in Christ. But when we cast ourselves down before Jesus and cry out to Him, He knows how to do the spiritual surgery to remove that seed that yield works of unrighteousness from us. He knows how to work on our adamic blood with the power of His precious blood shed at the cross of Calvary, at the same time put in us His own seed of righteousness. He is our Creator and knows what to do to us, to make us right. After this, can we work righteousness with full freedom and peace of God in our heart instead of internal battle, struggle or burden (because it is no longer us- the flesh that is in charge but the HOLY SPIRIT). Not only that, we become vessels that works righteously (as light for Jesus) and not workers of iniquity working to fulfilled the devil’s agenda which advance hell propaganda.
Beloved, please cry out to the Lord Jesus for help, He is waiting for you!

Prayer Points

1) Lord Jesus, I need Your help, deliver me from works of flesh.

2) Lord Jesus, deliver my soul from the power of destruction.

3) Holy Spirit, release me from the fulfillment of the devil’s agenda against me or anyone, in Jesus name.

4) Holy Spirit, release me from advancing hell propaganda through the works of the flesh, in Jesus name.

5) Fire of deliverance of the Holy Spirit, come upon me and deliver me from every tool of satan in me, in Jesus name.