(Acts 10:38, Isaiah 8:18, Isaiah 62:1-12)
The Bible says our Lord Jesus was filled with the Holy Spirit and power to do good for you and me (Acts 10:38). Luke 4:18 bears witness to it that the agenda of the Father concerning our life is to be free from bondage of limitations, to be blessed and manifest the glory of God. Hence, the mercy of God will visit us to dwell with us like never before as these messages of God go out to you and me this week.
All the efforts of destiny (glory ) manipulator is nullified over your life and my life in Jesus name. Every destiny manipulator frustrating the good plan of God over our lives is judged by fire and thunder of God in Jesus name.
Whoever that sits on your blessings and success is uprooted by whirlwind of the Lord God in Jesus name. I call upon the eagerness and the Zeal of God over your situations may it consume your battles and put end to your struggles, to His awesome glory, in Jesus name.
May the Lord arise concerning your life and home and do His awesome wonders from this moment in Jesus name. Your time to bring forth fruit of success and blessings is now and may God the Lord God of all flesh arise to do unlimited wonders in your life.
As concerning intervention of God in your life He will arise for you now as a woman who remembers her time of labor over her child, in Jesus name. Whoever stands on it that it is not yet time for you to manifest the glory of God in life, the fire of God sweeps them out of your ways ruthlessly in Jesus name. In your life and home at this particular time created by God, in Jesus name may, the Lord manifests His mighty power and saving grace.
Who has belittled the goodness of God over your life, in the mighty name of Jesus, he shall plead to come to the shining of the light of glory of God in your life, home and ministry in Jesus name.
Who is that person who has not given way for you to reign may the Lord God turn Him to a level and plain ground before you and you will progress over Him trampling Him down, in Jesus name.
Where you should manifest the glory and the goodness of God and there was no chance for you, they will seek for you and begin to celebrate that glory and that goodness of God in your life. Where your have become mocked, they will begin to talk about your testimony, in Jesus name.
In the name of Jesus Christ, I speak and call to your blessings everywhere they are, the Lord your God has said it is your time to use them, let them hear the voice of God and let them gather to you to serve.
Because of the favor, mercy and grace of God over your life the divine riches, blessings and peace of God are unlocked over your life, may they become unstoppable downpour over you and may they drench you and you will live long before God to manifest and enjoy them in, to the glory of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, in Jesus name.
The goodness of God over you, around you and in you will be so great that the wonderful Lord will call to people to come and witness His unfailing and unfading glory and grace in your life.
As these are fulfilled, in Jesus name, you will not turn yourself to an outcast from God’s presence. As these become testimonies in your life the dread of the time of abundant blessings will not overtake you. The grace to love and serve God humbly more than ever will enter into you in Jesus name. You will not turn back and abandon Christ in your life in Jesus name. What you can do that will make the devil accusations against you receive consideration before God, the precious blood of Jesus washes them away from you and cleanses you wholly in Jesus glorious and wonderful name. The grace to give all the glories to the Lord and rejoice only before Him and not in clubs and or sinful places will come and rest upon you in Jesus name. Promise yourself to always talk about the goodness of God, it is a good thing that delights Him always. Be blessed, live in the mercy of God as you enjoy His grace in Jesus mighty name.
The authority of God has spoken this, His eagerness and zeal shall fulfill it now. His Spirit will manifest it to the fullness of His own glory, that all knees will bow and worship Him.
Oh Lord, all glories are returned to you because they belong to no man and you will not share them with any man or little gods in Jesus wonderful name. Amen. Hallelujah!!!


Prayer Points
1) Oh Lord thank You for not been silent about my life in Jesus name.
2) Oh Lord, I and my house are for Your signs and wonders, visit our lives for good, in Jesus name.
3) Abba Father, by mercy and grace, make my life a joyful delight before You, in Jesus name.
4) Lord do not hold Your peace concerning my life, make me a crown of glory for Yourself, in Jesus name (Isaiah 62:3) .
5) Oh Lord, take away my reproach and let reproach give way to glory and its manifestation in my home and life, in Jesus name.