(Chronicles 16:9, Job 1:7, Luke 22:31, 1 Peter 5:8, James 5:17-18)
We must get busy for God and with God’s will so that the devil will not come and find us available, I am sorry he will certainly misuse us if he finds us idle.
We must move away from leaving out prayers from our lives and societal issues thinking that things will work out well on their own. We should not just end all in prayers but we should also start all in prayers. We must necessarily bring ourselves to Jesus always and not think “once I receive Jesus, I cannot loose Him”. We must know this, concerning this world of OURS, EVERYTHING IS WRONG UNTIL GOD SETS IT RIGHT!
Those things we think will be sets right on their own, can only be if someone lifts up his voice to the Lord or yields to the the internal stirring of the Holy Spirit. Someone must be holding the fort. Someone must be on their knee praying until something happens.
When we are in charge of God’s work, we must not presume that God will just make the work right because it is His. No, if our God is regarded to be at work now and not dormant since He rested from creations processes, then we must cling to it that we MUST also “work” the work of He that called us. Leaving things unchecked, is better regarded as abandoning them for anyone to hijack. This has made the devil-our enemy to hijack many homes, schools, offices and churches without any challenge.
It is only in the kingdom of God that everything will be good because corruption or works of the devil cannot enter there. However, here on earth we must continuously be at our duty post carrying out our responsibility with sense of urgency, diligence and faithfulness.
We must not forget that we are all God’s servant in different capacity we find ourselves. The Lord will want to count on us and our existence for His will to be done on earth. My prayer is that our time and part will count before God for good. I pray that because of you and I the Lord will arise and visit our homes, schools, offices and generation. And not for judgment but for intervention, reconciliation and restoration. Even though some people’s existence will bring God’s Wrath and judgment down in their generation, I pray it will not be our portion in Jesus name.
Look to your right. Look to your left. Look around you to see what has remained unchanged or unchecked because you have not arisen in prayers, or yielded to the stirring of the Holy Spirit. Be it, intercessory, reconciliatory or going forth; each and everyone of us needs to bring God’s hand down for good in our generation. God may be depending on your holding the fort in your schools, offices, homes etc. It may be you that will pray God’s mighty hand down in your schools, offices, homes, generation etc. Others have failed because they refused to pray or yield to the stirring of the Holy Spirit for their generation, will you also fail?!
Situation remained unchecked and unchanged in Egypt until a Moses yielded to God. Situation remained unchecked and unchanged until an Elijah yielded to God. Many lands remained unclaimed and unconquered until a David yielded to the internal stirring of the Holy Spirit. Daniel and many others held the fort and prayed down God’s hand in their time.
The younger generation will still think are innocently too young are being hijacked by devil’s agents already. While will talk about those far away who the devil has hijacked, we should not overlook our homestead, as the prince of this world is fast encroaching on “calm and cold” homes, families, churches, schools etc.
Let us arise for our home. Let us arise for our schools. Let us arise for the fold of Christ. Let us arise for our generation so that God will visit out generation for good because we pray and because we yield to the internal stirring of the Holy Spirit in us. Some people’s prayers brought us here, what good will ours have on this world?
Let us know that God awaits someone to ask in prayer, then He will arise and move; mountains will flee, nations will be subdued, powers will be overthrown, authority will be challenged and crushed, all in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord – the Lord of lords.
Please, let us bear in mind, this is not for anyone to boast. It is still God that stirs us up and does all through us as we yield to Him. We are but vessels for His glorious use and must give all the glories to Him- the Creator, the All-in-all who owns all. However, as the Lord stirs us up for divine manifestation, let us respond faithfully as those who will be held accountable on the day of reckoning. Not by compulsion but willingly.
We must not see ourselves as small, weak or worthless. The God that looks into the hearts will work on us, empty us, fill us, send us and use us to confound many for His glory.

Prayer Points
1) Oh Lord send Your Spirit to make us yield faithfully as those who will give account, in Jesus name.
2) Lord, may my existence not bring down Your wrath and judgment upon my generation, in Jesus name.
3) May my existence cause you to arise, come down and move for good in this generation, in Jesus name.
4) Lord, do not let my heart be taken away from its duty post with the cares of this world, in Jesus name.
5) Lord let Your Spirit of grace overshadow us and make us timely in intercession, reconciliation and taking charge, in this generation, in Jesus name.