(Amos 3, 1 Kings 18:17-18, 1 Kings 22:4-38, Amos 7:10-16, 2 Timothy 4:1-5)
We can go over several bridges and across many seas for a man of God who will coerce or cajole God not to talk about our sins (as if God is a puppet that the hands of man control). We would build empire for that man or woman who will deliver us from problems without pointing us to repentance. Whereas such deliverance from problems without deliverance from sins brings in much money for those kind of prayer warriors. This is because whoever is set free from problem without being free from the web of sins will soon get caught up in another (money spinning or yielding) problem and this is not freedom indeed. Freedom indeed is only present in Jesus (and He will demand for your life because it was His first before the devil’s deceit). The more we sin the more the problems we get into with God (and then it is easy for the devil to trouble us as he wants), then the more the prayer warriors will rake in money from (the desperate) us. This is the work of the magicians like Simon the sorcerer and not of the Apostles of Jesus Christ our Lord (Acts 8:9-20) .
We would spend our millions where they value our worth as “infallible”-as a man above issue of sins. As a man or woman who will rather hear of grace, mercy and blessings. They justify us when Jesus has not justified us (Jeremiah 8:11, Jeremiah 23:17). We would rather carry a necklace of very big cross but not carry our cross to follow Jesus. We would rather use the cross as amulet (charm worn for protection) but will not want to hear that the issue of sins is the emphasis of Jesus’ cross at calvary. Emphasis on holiness becomes so distasteful, call to repentance becomes disturbing and serving the holy Lord becomes frustrating to us. Instead of us falling under the mighty hand of a loving God for repentance and reconciliation, we dash out from his presence just as Cain did. Just as our father Adam, who will rather hide from God (as if God is blind) and shift the blame if hiding will not work (as if the Lord God, the Judge of the whole earth is not all-knowing).
We would like a God that makes us disappear from Egypt and appear in Canaan land and not a God that would take us through the desert of “remaking and rebirth”. We would like a God to love us but allow us to live a life of deceit, fornicate, lie, cheat, be wicked to others, judge/condemn others, wish for other’s failure, happy with others not progressing, hate, live wayward life and live a life of hypocrisy all around, as we are pleased. Most of us will like to live our life under cover-up of deceit and wish God will be blind to it. We like a God we can buy with money. We think, “Even, if few cash will not buy Him but millions can buy Him, it’s OK, in as much as I can afford His price”.
We probe our mind:
Can’t God help me without talking about my sinful life? Can’t this God have mercy on me as fallible flesh and bone creature? (remember He knows better as the Creator). Can He not just overlook the sin that have become a default in my lifestyle, at least by grace? (No, he provided grace that will make rejecting sin possible not grace that we make sinning free).
We want a God who will not talk about sins. And that god is the devil. In fact, he will help with more sins, new ways to sins, how to cover us sins (as if it is possible) and the more you sin the more he cherishes you. This is because with wretchedness in sin he can control you and your life and will even accuse you asking for the judgment of God on you (Revelation 12:9-10).
Can God not let me enjoy pleasure now and work out an escape route for me from its death trap? But see those people are not as holy as I am God sees them through by mercy but not me, is that kind enough? Are you believing what you think of those people, or what you see in their present life, or what they told you about themselves? Many of these are untrue, only what God talks or reveals to you about others can be reliable. Many got their way out through secret dubious means but come to share testimonies as if it was by the Holy (holy, holy) God. Therefore deceiving the innocent sheep.
King Ahab said Prophet Micaiah would not talk about something good about him. Think of King Ahab, how he spent his life, his wife Jezebel, the idols he erected for worship and think about any good God will have to say to him (1 Kings 21:25). Many of us are like this, in wretchedness of sins. Instead of us to cry to God on how miserable we are in sins and as we cannot help ourselves we would still apportion blame to God and His servant for seeing only the bad side of our lives.
We express it as “it is so terrible and alarming that everything God talks to me about is one sin of today or evil of tomorrow”. We only attach that to God but forgetting it is God bringing all the blessings to us and only wants us to stay clear of anything that will hinder or mar our blessings (the ones He gave you, the ones he is working on or the ones he is about to bring to us).
Now beloved, let us talk about the God that will not complain about our sinful lives but will cherish it instead. That God that will say “bother less on sin, focus only on grace which is abundant. That god is not God. That God that most of the population of the world want is the devil- satan, the deceiver. The falling angel who wants other being to fall like him. Indeed, he successfully made many of the angels of God fall with him (the fallen angels that now become his own angel – the demons). So, how wise are we to play along with him and turn our back to the instructions of our God? If he will not bring us to the same fallen state he is with his demons (fallen angels) we must steer clear from satan as much as possible. We must ask for more grace to ignore his wiles and be able to stay far away from Him till he lost us forever for Christ Jesus, our precious Lord that died and shed His blood shed for us.
Choose to hear and accept correction from God as He brings the instructions and warning but ensure you ask for the way out of such sins.
We should not become depressed on how difficult it is to please God but ask and seek (pant) for way to please and become a child after God heart. A beloved of Jesus. A faithful servant of God. Once guilty but now justified. Once a hater of God’s way but now a lover of the only way to heaven through the cross. If a man like David prevailed over sins and a man like Paul overcame self submitting to Jesus Christ, then you and I have hope in the power of the provision of the cross of Jesus our Lord. However, let us long, seek and pant for the Lord’s way as David and Paul did desperately.
Let us stay with our God that hates sins (hearing and yielding to His rebuke) and stay away from the sin-loving satan (who brings children of God to a fallen state of sin, death, judgment and punishments). Only in Jesus’ way (the way of the cross) can we be free from traps (which are abundant on sinful ways).
With longing hearts crying out before the throne of grace to obtain mercy, may Jesus in His unfailing and unfading love send us help that will make us who He wants us to be before Him and the Father through the Holy Spirit, in His mighty name Jesus. Amen.

Prayer Points
1) Holy Spirit let the blood of Jesus prevail over my life, soul and spirit in Jesus name.
2) Oh Lord, remove deceit and hypocrisy from me, in Jesus name.
3) Lord, you created me and know what is best for my life, take all of it and use it for Your righteousness and glory, in Jesus name.
4) Lord let Your love that made the provision of the cross for me, save me completely from sins.
5) Holy Spirit, help me not to neglect holiness and righteousness for vanity and corruption, in Jesus name