Ezekiel 10:18, Matthew 3:8-10, Romans 12:1-3, 1Thessalonians 5:22,23 )
Most repentance are no longer change of heart but a change of plan. Same old life cherished more than the purpose and love of God.
Our churches are no longer God’s dwelling place but tower of babel. We may have different sizes and versions of the Bible yet no indwelling of the Spirit of truth – the Holy Spirit. We may know its letters and understand the characters but with hearts close to the voice of the Lord.
We care less about our hearts as we cherish and honour our body. It is good to take great care of our hearts because from it comes the issues of life. Likewise our bodies which are the temples of God on earth must be consecrated to Him to dwell and use without restraint. The Lord chooses our body first before our beautiful edifice of worship. Everywhere the righteous are gathered in Jesus name are sanctify by Him. For the Lord to sanctify our worship places is an outflow from the condition of our hearts before Him. The Lord sanctification in our worship places is like an overflow from His sanctification of our hearts; if they are righteous and pure.
The divine presence of God in a place is usually connected to a holy heart of a faithful child. The Lord will not chose our multi-million dollar church if our hearts are not purely connected to Him as a pleasant dwelling place. The presence of the Lord we experience in a place is because of the faithfulness of the Lord’s servant connected to the place, directly or indirectly. Even as soon as such holy heart transgress without sincere repentance, the presence of the Lord leaves. It will not be our portion in Jesus name.
So, before the presence of the Lord fills our worship places – churches, homes, offices, open air gathering places etc, it must have filled our hearts, bodies and lives first. Those hearts, bodies and lives of ours we take with little spiritual sensitivity and care, are taken with very great spiritual sensitivity and care by our Lord. Our bodies are the sanctuaries of Jesus and everywhere we are connected to, becomes filled with His holy presence and glory.
However, when we neglect our hearts and we let anything flow into it and dwell in it, we become spiritually wretched and waste our lives on earth. When we sincerely do not care if what fills our hearts are issues of life or the word of righteousness of Jesus Christ, then we are bidding the gate of heaven goodbye (as if it is a good thing to do) and we are taking a journey to the gate of Hell. It is a walk away from the justification that Jesus bought for us and into the condemnation that has been put on the devil which should be borne alone by him and his fallen army. This will not be our portion in Jesus name.
Without a heart filled with the presence of the Lord, we may claim to gather in the name of the Lord, but the gathering is just like a town meeting. While God laments over some lifestyle, do not let us celebrate it as if it is the incorruptible glory of Jesus Christ our Lord. Beloved, when we take heed to the leading of the Holy Spirit and flee from the leading of the devil we will escape from the fiery judgment of God coming upon this world of corruption.
Let us run into our hope of glory which is Jesus in us. Let us come to Jesus, not only to dwell but to also grow in Him so that we will be redeemed from wretchedness of this world.
Beloved, let us cry sincerely, “Holy Spirit, sanctify us wholly”.

Prayer Points
1) Lord Jesus sanctify me and let Your presence fill my heart, bodies and lives.
2) Oh Lord, let Your glory fill and saturate us, our dwelling places and church so that there will be no hidden place for evil, in Jesus name.
3) Holy Spirit sanctify me wholly, do not let Your presence and glory leave my live, home and church in Jesus name.
4) Jesus, I choose to be open to You, without any hiding place for iniquities.
5) Lord, whatever will make me to flee or be sent away from Your presence will not be my portion in Jesus name (Genesis 4:16).