(Psalms 18:25-27, 1 Samuel 15:1-9, 1 Samuel 16:1)
All the instructions given by God are significant. All of His words communicated to us are to be obeyed accordingly. The instructions of God left unyielded to, are well noted (recorded) before Him. He does not speak casually, every word He says is for a particular reason. God is not a joker! Every information (and all details) is significantly for definite purposes, even to the smallest bit of it. If God gives us an instruction, that means He has finalized it and made it available in the spiritual realm already (meaning that it has started existing spiritually). It is by obeying Him when we do our part that we bring those things to physical manifestation. God calls us into a plan He has concluded and finalized in the spiritual realm. He does not call us into a work-in-progress project, He calls us to play our part(role) as outlined in His finished plan. Our not obeying Him accordingly is same as disrupting His plan!
In all that God assigns to us, there is a chance for what we must do for success to be achieved. There is also part to be done by God for success to be achievable. Be rest assured that God will do His ( He has completed it spiritually and ready to manifest it physically). So, it is always left to us to do our part. So, every time we experience a delay in fulfilment of God’s plan we must do a thorough check on ourselves to be sure that we are not the one keeping Him waiting. In doing all of these, please let us bear in mind that it is not for Him to adjust Himself to our plan, but for us to adjust ourselves to His plan. It is not for God to adjust His lifestyle because of us but it is for us to adjust ours to fit His. This is not because He is a cruel God. No, it is because He is a perfect God but we are not perfect (we are called to be perfect by His grace, mercy and justification). May the Lord’s grace, mercy and justification be released upon us abundantly in Jesus name.
Many a time:
We ignore His instructions
We deny Him chance to do His part
We are lazy, carefree and careless in obeying Him
We allow pride to prevent us from serving God as He wants us to serve me.
It is just like;
We think He does not see, hear or know everything.
We are cheating Him.
We are playing smart on Him.
We are deceiving Him.
We are taken Him lightly, as one we can easily manipulate.
We want to squeeze Him into our mould (will).
We are telling Him that we are better in timing, accurate planning and strategies.
We review His instructions not because we want to obey it accordingly but because we want to edit most of the things He tells us to ones we think we can do with ease.
We set His word aside for ours like given higher priority to our word over God’s word. Or we do our will, thinking God understands as we set His plan aside for ours to be taken care of.
Then we think (assume);
He understands that it is not possible for man.
This is smaller than what God can pay attention to.
This is bigger than what He can pay attention to.
If ones takes God’s will or word for granted God also takes the person for granted.
If you play smart with His word or doing His will, He also plays smart with you.
If one takes God carelessly, He also takes the person’s issue carelessly.
So, please we might think we are smarter or there is no big issue in doing the will of God. Doing His will carelessly is dangerous for us if He begins to take our issue same way. May the Lord have mercy and pour more grace on us, in Jesus name.
Psalms 18:25,26  With the merciful you will show yourself merciful; with an upright man you will show yourself upright; With the pure you will show yourself pure; and with the devious you will show yourself shrewd.
We should not act in ways that make God take our issue with levity. Do not let Him take your protection less seriously. Do not let Him take your provision less seriously. Do not let God ignore the urgency and criticality your issues require all because of how you ignore His.
To a humble heart God humbles himself but “shows Himself proud” to a proud heart.
Please, give Him your full attention so that He will give you His full attention.
Please, do not obey Him partially, so that He will not answer your prayer incompletely.
Do not think God should first do your will before you do His. Do not think that when He settles you, you will run away from Him. Take His word seriously, then He will take your life and issues seriously. Remember David took God seriously but Saul took God for granted. I pray for more grace upon us, in Jesus name.
Please beloved, let us take God seriously just as we want Him to take us.

Prayer Points
1) Lord, forgive me for not taking Your word as seriously as You want me to do, in Jesus name.
2) Father, save me from not taking You seriously. Help me, in Jesus name.
3) In Jesus name, I am sanctified and I rebuke you the spirit of deceit.
4) Lord, I receive Your grace to be a delight to You, in Jesus name.
5) Abba Father, make my life and house delightful, in Jesus name.