(Jeremiah 1:4-12; Isaiah 1:18,19; Matthew 25:21, Proverbs 24:12)
“I have chosen you.
I have brought you up.
I know you.
Show Me a man who I do not know his end from the beginning.
I give you purpose to live for.
I give you mind to do all I assign you to.
The details you get bothered about in your life are in my hands my heart conceived them.
No one will be your judge, only I will be your judge.
Only I will be your judge from the plan I drew for your life.
I have a place for you. But where are you now?
I have a plan for you but do you know it? No one knows it. Any other plan the devil offers you is a distraction. Whichever you choose by yourself is a journey to a place of know where. All you know is what you want to do and what you think it will become; which may not be. I drew a plan for you before now (before you were born) and into your eternity. My plan for you does not end at death but continues. (Matthew 25:21)
Come now, that we may reason together (Isaiah 1:18,19).
Come now, that I may tell you my mind.
Come, that you may fill your place in before me.”

“Here I am Lord.
Here I am Father.
You are my hope.
Send me Lord. Send me into your field where the harvest is ripe. Where Your Labour lies for me. Where Your grace will dwell with me fully. Where my hope in You will become reality.”

Let Your mercy be upon me.
Strengthen me where I am weak.
Open my eyes to behold Your truth. Your truth is life. Life without end.
Strengthen my arm and make my hands work for You.
Grace my life with your favour and prosperity.
Let my body, spirit and soul flourish before you.”

“I am here to do your will. To do your purpose. To fulfill Your plan about my life. To receive grace that will see me through. Grace to obey and to be faithful.”

Each child of the kingdom has a peculiar place in God’s plan. All children of the kingdom are significant in the purpose of our Lord Jesus Christ.
In the purpose of God:
Nehemiah was a builder.
Bezalel and Oholiab were artists (Exodus 31:1-6, Exodus 36:1).
Gideon was a deliverer.
Ezra was a Prophet of restoration.
David was a king, prophet, singer, composer and inventor of musical instruments.
Daniel was an intercessor in prayer.
Dorcas and Lydia were helpers (Acts 16:14,15).
The Samaritan woman propagated the good news to many (John 4:39, 40).
Mary, Martha and Lazarus were good companions.
Paul was to reach the “unreached”.
So brethren, be sure of confirming where and how God wants you to manifest His glory.
Only then will you be fulfilled as a vessel designed for a purpose which was fulfilled.
May we find our place in the Lord in Jesus name.
May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be on us all.

Prayer Points
1) Lord Jesus, where do you apportion to me in Your field?
2) Lord, send helper to me on this field according to Your will and purpose, in Jesus name.
3) In Jesus name, every distraction the devil have for me, scatter and be terminated because you are not of God.
4) Lord Jesus, do not let me go with the plan of the devil.
5) Holy Spirit, totally destroy every opposition sent from the kingdom of darkness to frustrate me on my divine assignment in life, in Jesus name.