(Psalms 70:5, Revelation 3:1-6, Jeremiah 3:15-22, Isaiah 1:2-18, Jeremiah 31:25)
Lord Jesus, Help the Wretchedness of my soul!
I think I am rich, not knowing that I am poor. I think I am wise not knowing you have much sorrow about my foolishness (Psalms 69:5). I think I love You (John 14:23,24) not knowing that you have much sorrow about my relationship with You that has gone sour. I think I live for You not knowing that I am far away from You.
I will be doomed if you do not come to help me Lord. I will be doomed if you will not come to tear away this wretched heart filled with issues of life and create in me a new heart. Remove the spirit of lusts that honour self more than you and renew a right Spirit within me.
I see myself as being faithful before you not knowing my spirit has strayed away from Your purpose, remaining only my body with you. Of what use is my body if my spirit belongs to satan. Even when I think I bear good fruits for You, they are fruits on another person’s locations and there is “lost but wanted” for me in my location. When I count my harvest, it is not on my divine location and you have much sorrow that the location of Your will for me is still left neglected. Do I think I am bearing fruit for You on the pulpit while the fruit you expect from me is on the street? Do I have what can take Your purpose to different conferences, schools, homes but I left it unused? Help me Lord not to waste your harvest any more.
The vanity of life consumes me, this really wants to consume me fast enough before I can turn back to you, come o Lord to my rescue, that I may not be a wasted investment on earth. Come, find me for I am lost and do not know the way back home. Come find me my good Shepherd. O Lord will You not live the 99 and seek me(Luke 15:4-10)? Will You not live the healthy and come for my healing (Jeremiah 14:19)?
Help the wretchedness of my soul!
I have turned all of Your glory in my lives to corruption because all you gave me are for the purpose of Your kingdom but I have diverted to lust, oppression, pride, self righteousness etc. Who You made me, should be for Your glory, but no, I have use it to Your shame. I will be done for if… Lord, if, You will not save Your beloved and reclaim Your heritage.
Do not give me away Lord. I do not know where and how to start again neither can I remember where my journey was aborted. If I do not know to continue my journey with You, I know a place, I know Calvary where YOUR Cross is! If my lot is not justifiable at the judgement seat then I race with the remaining strength in me to the MERCY SEAT. Lord, in Your anger remember mercy. I lift up my hands to You, let me be accepted by Your arms of grace and mercy. Accept me, save me, clean me, heal me and restore me Lord Jesus.
Help Lord, all of my loves ones that have grazed far from home, return them to Your garden of love. Return them to your flock and restore the joy of Your salvation into us all (Psalms 50:12).

Prayer Points
1) Lord in Your anger remember mercy (Micah 7:18)
2) I come to You at Your cross, answer me with Your mercy and grace (John 6:27).
3) Seek me, bring me to the flock and make me useful again.
4) Let me be Your vessel of glory.
5) My beloved that are grazing far from home return them to your flock, Lord Jesus.