(John 2:17, Psalms 119:32, Judges 6:11-17, Isaiah 41:10)

Are you seeing yourself falling short of the expectation of God in His gifts given to you? Are you trying to do the Lord’s will but unable to do it?
Most times we wish we can serve Jesus more, we say to ourselves “even if I cannot repay what my Lord has done for me I should be able to serve Him faithfully in the task given to me”. Despite all of these promises, all we stumble at is that the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. What can the flesh do? When it comes to the will and assignments of the Lord, the flesh can truly do nothing. One’s best remains at “I wish”. This is most times stopped at “I can’t” or “I’m trying to… “. Then we see ourselves not measuring up with others in worshipping faithfully or in glorifying the Lord with the God-given gifts in us.
The Lord said in His word that “it is not by power and not by might BUT BY MY SPIRIT” . What can make us remain in our first love with Jesus is His undying zeal . The zeal burns in us like fire. It can be extinguished, it can burn low and it can burn greatly consuming all unfaithfulness. The zeal of God is the “wanting to do” and eagerness of God is the “going out to do”. Only when the zeal of God is released into us can we say, “zeal for your house consumes me” (Psalms 69:9). Only then will everything in us burn with the fire of His will. When the eagerness of God is released into us, we cannot but go out as eagles. We will no more stop until we do that task He has given to us. Our focus will be “my Lord’s will”. Undoubtedly, as an eagle will swoop onto its prey will we go after our God-given task untill His will is done.
Categorically speaking, if we will
1) fulfill the will of God (to delights Him ) and
2) use the God-given gifts in us to manifest the glory of God,
Whoever will do the will of the Lord wholeheartedly, unflinchingly and without delay needs the zeal and eagerness of God. The zeal of God in us turns God’s will to our desire and it will no longer seem like burdens. Yes, what used to be burdens in the will of God on us become the desire in us instead. May the Holy Spirit grant us this understanding in Jesus name.
So, is anyone burdened with the will of God left undone or unfinished, then let him ask for the zeal and eagerness of God. Is the zeal of the Lord consuming you but you are not seeing yourself in the the doing of His will then ask for the eagerness of God.
Those who possess the zeal and eagerness of God cannot be stopped. They cannot be discouraged or manipulated. They cannot be talked down away from the will of God. They use their God-given gifts gloriously. They do the will of God faithfully.
…the zeal and eagerness of God…
To do the will of the Lord faithfully and to manifest the gifts of God in us gloriously we need the zeal and eagerness of God.

Prayer Points
1) Thank you Lord Jesus for bringing us to the Light of Your Word.
2) Father, where I am coming short of doing Your will or I am not able to use my God-given gifts, forgive me, in Jesus name.
3) Lord, I need Your zeal and eagerness, by grace and mercy release them into me, in Jesus name.
4) Lord, let the undying fire of Your zeal burn in me and let Your unflinching eagerness set me on the path you want me to follow, in Jesus name.
5) Father, release into me the grace, mercy and knowledge to be a profitable servant with all these, in Jesus name (Romans 10:2).