(Psalms 133, Acts 2:1, Acts 5:12-20, 1 Corinthians 12:11-26, Joel 2:7-8)
Act 5:12 And by the hands of the apostles were many signs and wonders wrought among the people; (and they were ALL WITH ONE ACCORD in Solomon’s porch.  (emphasis added)
In this week point of focus, the Holy Spirit is communing with us about being in one accord. Being in one accord as a family, church or any Godly group. Not necessarily being together physically in a place but in function, in hope for a Godly manifestation and fulfillment. The devil would bother less if family or people of God perserver together (though he would not also allow this if he can have his way) but when it is time (or about time) to manifest together, he orchestrate several strategies of pulling them apart into splinters. It would always be one of satan’s nightmare to see family, church or group fulfilled together. Concerning us, may He continue to suffer this fate in Jesus mighty name.
The greatest progress a group can achieve manifest only when they are in one accord. Their worst nightmare is when they are not in one accord (Act 2:46, Galatians 5:15, Luke 11:17).
To easily overcome a group is to make each of the members to seek his personal and individual purpose. In like manner, for the devil to easily overcome a family, church or group is to blow apart their common purpose to become splinters. Having interest for personal purpose is like each member of the group armed for collective purpose (a mighty purpose) but moving over to seclude each other in other to pursue individual goals. Small bodies of water can only carry a ship when they come together to form big body of water. It is only when many firewoods are put together that they form a big fire not when they are burning separately (in isolation)-they will only be wasting away. There is no better way for enemies to overcome or defeat the existence of a family or group than when the group operation is not in one accord. Please beloved, let us bear this in mind that any group brought together has a definite purpose. It is not accidental for God to have brought you together as a family, church or group, He has a pre-determined purpose for it. May we not be a part of the devil’s group in Jesus name.
Unity does not mean doing the same thing but it means doing things targeting the same purpose. Most time Godly groups confuse being in one accord with doing the same thing. The head will not function well walking neither will the hands function well speaking. The different body parts must be in their individual (different) assigned functions to be effective but all does so for full (general) well being and manifestation of the body as a whole (1 Corinthians 12:26). May the Holy Spirit helps us will a better and profitable understanding in Jesus name.
A family may not necessarily be in the same career line as their father or mother to be successful. A church with various gifts of the Holy Spirit manifest greater glory of God (if in the will of God). Such church is a discomfort for the devil.
Some tactics the devil smuggles into family, church or group in other to pull them apart for defeat:
1) If I decide to do my own thing in a group, due to my individual pressing need, without the consent of others.
2) If the center of my acting in separation is not a genuine obedience to God’s will.
3) If I care less about giving glory to God and shame to the devil but all I want is having my way
4) If I see my usefulness and being better than others as instruments for separation, instead of clear voice and will of the Lord
5) If I see others’ weakness as hindrance instead of seeing it as where I can fit in well to help.
Most times the Holy Spirit gives each member a purpose that is part of their collective larger purpose for effective execution. In most cases such takes it to be “for me to go on my own” then the collectiveness the Holy Spirit aimed at becomes defeated. At critical times, when God would answer the common prayer of brethren (as family or any group ) you will begin to notice some individual progress. The Holy Spirit does it individually so as to dovetail each and all manifestation together, which then can be seen as the common answer to the common prayer. In most time, before the unique time of the Holy Spirit dovetailing them together, the devil would have led some individual away and astray (with their individual parts away from the whole). Holy Spirit, please make us into Your yielding instruments and vessels in Jesus name.
Please beloved, let us note that when the disciples began in one accord in Acts chapter one, the book of Acts goes ahead to say that they continued in one accord. It is important to note the “continuing in one accord” as well as when they first started to be in one accord.
(Joel 2:7-8) They shall run like mighty men; they shall climb the wall like men of war; and they shall march every one on his ways, and they shall not break their ranks: Neither shall one thrust another; they shall walk every one in his path: and when they fall upon the sword, they shall not be wounded.
May our family and church be like this in Jesus glorious name.
May we align with the purpose of the Holy Spirit for our families and church against the purpose of satan, in Jesus name.

Prayer points
1) Lord, release the grace of being in “one accord” into our family and church according to Your will, in Jesus name.
2) Holy Spirit, work out in us the harmony our family and church need to manifest greater glory in You, in Jesus name (Joel 2:7-8).
3) In Jesus name, we rebuke every spirit that limits manifestation with discord.
4) Every instrument and weapon of discord fashioned against my family and church catch fire and perish, in Jesus name.
5) May the devil not be able to use our unity against God’s will, in Jesus name.
6) Every group the enemies bring together against me, my family and church, because you are not of God, scatter and be consumed, in Jesus mighty name (Isaiah 54:15).