(Isaiah 53, Matthew 16:13-19, Matthew 8:29-32, Luke 4:33-36)
The Lamb of God and the Lion of the tribe of Judah are the two different names portraying the two different natures of our Lord Jesus Christ. Lambs are known to be innocent, they are known to be gentle and above all, they are known to be harmless. You may not need to hit a lamb before it obeys. That is the typical nature of a lamb. Amazingly, the opposite of these are what the lion is known for, it is hostile, aggressive and destructive.
Is this not amazing that these two natures are accorded to our Lord Jesus Christ? Most of us Christians believe only the Lamb nature of our Lord is manifested in this grace dispensation, thinking that the Lion-like part will only be manifested at His return. Well, the Holy Spirit is leading us to the truth which shows the two natures manifesting in this dispensation of grace. But how?
As manifested in this dispensation of grace the Lamb-like nature of Jesus is manifested to all human. Then, the Lion-like nature of our Lord Jesus is against the devil and his demons.
When Jesus asked His disciples who people thought He was, amazingly only Peter got the answer right. Even the Lord acknowledged this and said that it was God that revealed it to Peter ( Matthew 16:13-19). However, in the same scenario, further down the passage (same chapter), Jesus looked sternly at Peter and rebuked the devil in Him without pity.
Mat 16:23 But he turned, and said unto Peter, Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men.
Our Lord Jesus had compassion on people but not on demons. He would not tolerate conversation with the demons. He will not tolerate them. In Matthew 8:31 demons was pleading with Jesus to send them into the pigs (so as to avoid being destroyed). Yes, Jesus granted the request only for the whole herds of pig to run violently into the sea (into total destruction!). Even, the demons lamented that Jesus torments them. That is the Lion-like nature being manifested.
Jesus does not joke with the devil… whatever form or avenue the devil takes. In loved ones like Peter and Judah or strangers that came to be healed. Jesus tormented them and most times violently.
So, we as Jesus disciples must operate clearly and distinctly in this nature. Jesus told us that He sends us as sheep among the wolves, to be gentle as dove but wise as serpent. The dove is in the class of the lamb when it comes to their gentle nature. We can as well say the serpent belongs to the class of the Lion because of their hostility.
If we use the Lion-like nature against human beings, it becomes a sin. In fact the devil tempt the children of God severely so that they would make such blunder. The Lion-like nature must be directed against the devil and his demons without pity or consideration, if it will be the will of our Father. Most time, we the children of God miss it here, when we direct our Lion-like nature against human beings like us, thereby ignoring the demons working the manipulations in them. Most time we pray destruction against man and woman and indeed they get destroyed but when that is done the demons that possessed them, come out undisturbed and locate another person as a new vessel making that battle to continue as if it has not been fought. Most of our prayer is targeted at man and woman which are just vessels thereby unknowingly leaving the demons that possessed them against us undisturbed.
We should know our enemies so that we will not fall into their accusations. We must be careful so that we will not find ourselves in hell fire all because we are chasing our so called hell-bound enemies.
Then how do we do it so that we will not become easy prey to demons? Let us do it as Jesus did against Peter and the devil that possessed him. Do it as a gentle sheep among wolves (human) but wise (and deadly) as the serpent against the satan and demons.  Whatever forms they come in: through human (Matthew 16:23), object (Matthew 21:19) or spirit (Luke 4:33-36). Again, we can learn from David in the old testament how he prayed against his enemy (without mercy) but never did evil against Saul.
So brethren,  as the disciples of our Lord Jesus, satan must not be given chance of accusation (when we fight sinfully) or intimidation (when we are not hostile enough against him).

Prayer Points
1) Lord Jesus, make me like You, doing good to people but destroying satanic works and agents.
2) In Jesus name, the blood of Jesus cancels all accusations against me.
3) Holy Spirit, I do not want to war blindly, release Your gift of discernment into me, in Jesus name.
4) Oh Lord, endue me with authourity and power for victory over my enemies, in Jesus name (Luke 4:36, Luke 9:1).
5) In Jesus name, the grace of the Lord settles me.