Luke 15:28  And he was angry, and would not go in: therefore his father came out, and entreated him.

In the story of the prodigal son, something happened which was very significant but brief enough to escape being noticed. It is about the reaction of the elder brother to the joyful celebration held for his prodigal brother’s return. When the older son returned from the field (farm) and was hinted about the ongoing celebration, he criticised his father’s choice and decision of treating his prodigal brother with such love.
This is an act most Christians is guilty of. Truly his prodigal brother had wasted grace and costed the family a lot in everything. But what will love do in this situation? Will the heart filled with love share the same opinion with the older son on this issue and at the time this occurred? Or will love first cause one to forget all the past evil of the prodigal brother, hold him, cling to him and cry on him to wash the past from him with tears?
Will love hear the news of a lost brother who is newly found and at the same time bring up accusations?
In this parable, the elder brother is a typical picture of a Christian without love. Not having that type of love that exists in the heart of our Lord and Father of all. The prodigal brother is every sinner that newly got converted-the new convert.
Someone who loves been a Christian but does not feel alright if a newly converted sinner seems to receive same or more grace and blessings. He loves been close and obedient to Jesus but does not feel alright when the thieves or prostitutess in their repented and saved minds mount the pulpit. When his enemies come bowing and kneeling at the foot of the cross, that Christian feel disappointed if Jesus receive such sinners into His palace of love.
When the place of worship is filled with the less privileged, the poor or the oppressed, he thinks he needs to keep away from such gathering, forgetting about his Father’s unconditional love to the high and mighty, same again to the downtrodden.
Now, who should return to the will of the Father? Being with the Father yet far from Father’s will, love and desire!
Let us look deep within us. Let us consider what we do. Let us kneel before our Father. Let us cry to Him to fill us up with the unconditional love that saved us. Let us prostrate before Him to renew a right Spirit within us. Prayers like when Jacob struggled with God and his name was changed is what we need.
May Jesus our Lord, Father and Friend remove the prodigality in our heart. May He create in us His clean heart of unconditional love. Amen.