(1 Samuel 7:3, Acts 8:18-23, 2 Peter 2:15-22)

Are we seeking God for self gain or pride?

Are we seeking Him so as to belong to the class of the mighty?

Are we seeking Him because we just want to stand out?

Are we seeking Him in order to possess Him for a show off?

Let us evaluate our kind of seeking God to know if we are truly seeking “the Person” of Jesus and if we are doing so for the sake of the kingdom of God. If we are not looking beyond our seeking for Him to “why am I seeking for Him”, we might not know that we are not doing it from a pure heart. What lies behind and beneath our seeking for Jesus is what the Lord considers. The “seeking” for Him is not what matters to Him but what matters to Him is the intent for the “seeking”. Is the seeking from the heart which is partly doing so for self gain, pride or fame? This is terrible because it is not only that the Lord will not show Himself to such person but because the devil might cease the opportunity to present himself as the Lord the person seeks for.

As children of God our seeking for empowerment should be to the glory of God and for the kingdom of God. If it is done for our selfish reasons or to satisfy our proud heart then we are not seeking Him with the whole of our heart because such heart is partially for pride and partially for Jesus. Those who see God are those who seek Him with the whole of their hearts. It should not be the kind of seeking in which part of the heart wishes to get hold of God for the sake of being powerful or for the sake of being more powerful than others.

It must not be the seeking which want to make fame or financial gain from the Lord’s grace and gifts (everyone will give account).

Our seeking for God must be from a pure heart. It must be for His glory and for the purpose of His kingdom. If our hearts are not right with God, how can our hearts be right in His works? If our hearts are not right with the Creator, how will His creations obey us?

Let us guide our heart so that when we have found God, we do not convert what He gives us (spiritual or physical) to worldly and selfish gains (2 Peter 2:15-22) which glorify only the devil (the master of such). Please beloved, whatever does not glorify God glorifies flesh and the devil. Everything that glorifies God puts the devil to shame. A point of great concerns is that which of these is coming from us? That which glorifies God, flesh, or the devil?

So, when do we see God? We see Him when we seek Him with all (and not part) of our heart (Jeremiah 29 :13). Let us seek the Lord with all of our hearts. Let us hunger for Him. He said whoever hunger for Him gets filled and all who thirst for Him gets satisfied (Matthew 5:6).The Lord knows those who truly seek Him with all their hearts. Those are the one He says their hearts are right with Him. The more we seek Him, the more we find Him. May the grace of the Lord Jesus be with us all. Amen.

Prayer points

1) Lord Jesus, open my eyes to everywhere I seek You for self gains and pride, and grant me genuine repentance.

2) Lord Jesus, let all of my seeking for You be for Your glory and the kingdom of God.

3) Father, everywhere I am weak, let Your strength uphold me, in Jesus name.

4) Lord Jesus, grant me sufficient grace in You.

5) Jesus, reveal Yourself to me.