(Joshua 24:14-25, Jeremiah 8:4-8, Micah 6:3, 6-8)
At critical times in history, God calls out some people, specially to Himself. He chooses them in those important and critical times in history of man, when everyone else has chosen gods which are not God and ways which lead to destruction. He chooses these people from among other men and women who lived without reverence for One who gave them breath. These ones called out, have set themselves aside in their generation as those who have different thoughts or different ways.
God does not just call anyone but calls those who hunger and thirst for Him or for righteousness. An attribute common to these type of people. Their hunger and thirst cannot be quenched by the fragile and common sense logic of their time. God chooses men and women who step aside from their generations. Even when others forget that they have a Creator, these ones decide to return to their Creator (Exodus 2:11, Psalms 14:2). As God watches all men and women going about their wicked ways (Psalms 14:3), He sees these ones passionately seeking for Him (Psalms 63:1).
These people sought God among their kins and friends but could not find the One there are looking for. The God portrayed among their kins and friends is unholy, hungry, powerless, lustful, one which cannot fight for Himself but needs someone else to fight for him. When they seek Him from one place of worship to another, the God they see portrayed is blind, deaf, greedy (preferring money to souls), limited and restricted. Some places where they see this God, they also see different manners of worship of Him. Many of the worship lacks holiness-others attributes of God are emphasized but without holiness. “How possible, how can holiness be missing, in the worship of a holy God?” was the troubling thought in their minds.
Nevertheless, they stand by the Word of God which says, “And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart (Jeremiah 29:13)”. Because of this, they do not become weary of seeking. They often experience this God they seek, more, in a solitary and private worship. Their songs day and night is that the true, holy, omnipotent, omniscient and infinite God may be known to them in His power and glory.
After their faithfulness has been tried and tested, God then reveals Himself to them-in His glory and power. In which He sends them forth to shake their generations. As they go forth turning the world upside down (Acts 17:6), shaking and uprooting the works of the devil(2 Corinthians 10:3-5), the whole heaven is their backing, rejoicing that “we have found a man/woman again in this generation” (Isaiah 6:8). Please beloved, are you the one God is calling out for in this generation (2Chronicles 16:9)?

Prayer points
1) Pass me not, oh gentle Saviour!
2) Open the eyes of my heart Lord Jesus, I want to see You.
3) Lord, engrave Your will upon my heart, in Jesus name.
4) Father, keep me safe in Your heart and make me the apple of Your eyes, in Jesus name.
5) In Jesus name, I will not leave my first love in You (Revelation 2:4).