What is the place of singing before God as choristers?

1) You lead the congregation into the worship of God.

2) You minister God and godliness to the congregation.



A strange sacrifice is (Leviticus 10:1-3):

1) When you sing just for people to know you or your skill and not unto God.

2) When you look bitterly against that person better than you in the service God.

3) When you look with gross hatred any replacement you need to develop for the service of God, so that Father would lead you to another higher level.

4) When you are worse/ sinful outside but looking very holy when in the church.

5) When the mindset that your song is coming from is far from God.

6) When you sing for your own glory and not God’s glory, singing that people will be able to take you seriously. Instead of singing for them to take God seriously through your faithful ministration.

Will you want to be the one people should adore or will you want this to be to God?