(Ecclesiastes 3:1,17; John 9:4; Matthew 6:10)

Obedience to God is bringing to manifestation on earth, what God has accomplished (fully established) in heaven. Whatever the Lord asks us to do is what has been carefully planned, meticulously prepared and perfectly established in heaven. This is where our “usefulness” comes in – as vessels to carry out divine plans! This then requires us as earthly body(vessel) to be carry it out on earth, just as it is in heaven. This is the time the Lord instructs us about the issue. In other words, He only brings and commits to us the task He has concluded, perfected and established. In fact, what God brings to us to do is a heaven packaged and certified task, delivered to us (the earthly vessels) with great care(by divine visitation or inspiration). What He brings to us to do is heavenly concluded and has even been tested acheivable in heaven before bringing it to us on earth.

While we are complaining about our incompetence, heaven is lamenting that “if only this child knows that every bit of his/ her competence and incompetence have been takenly into consideration meticulously”. Before God’s plan is brought to us as task, He has taken all criteria into consideration, including our capability and how busy we are with other commitments. We most likely know that, If we disobey then we are denying God the possibility of bringing to manifestation on earth, through us, what He has perfected and  established in heaven. Meaning that what began in God, got halted in us. God forbids!

Ultimately, in this week point of focus, what the Lord is speaking to us about expressly, is delayed obedience. Our delaying the obedience to the Lord is like taking the plan of God out of tune or sync. It is not just about God been obeyed but also about how timely we obey Him? Significantly, the fulfilment of our task is timed! God is not restricted by time but all the things He created are restricted by and with time. Same way, His purpose and plan for you are timed and tied to a specific time of manifestation and accomplishment. Moreover, some people’s fates are directly or indirectly, connected to your obedience. Those people whose fate (destinies) are connected to your obedience also lives within the restrictions of time (age, season etc). All of God’s promises for you is not restricted to you alone. It certainly, has a direct or indirect connection to other events(sequentially or concurrently) and people (it may be loved ones or strangers you will be meeting in future time who God is preparing separately).

Such plan might be a phase out of several phases. It may be an occurrence needed to precede or follow another. In this case a delayed execution will certainly be a disruption to all. Other things that were meant to happen together or people that should team up with you at the set time of assignment might have obeyed and move to another level. Or, your delay might have hindered them too. Anyway, it is possible for some to be blessed with another obedient person as a replacement. May our good portion not be given to another person in Jesus name.

Sometimes, when we plea for mercy to obey at later time, it is unfortunately the same with praying for the delay of others in your “team” (loved ones or strangers). This is a major reason while instead of praying for mercy to obey at future time, we should pray for mercy to receive grace for timely obedience. Strangely, when the evil one is aware that he is not able to stop us from obeying, he tries to delay our obedience with several deceitful strategies (2 Corinthians 2:11).

Once we receive God’s will and plan, it is very important that we confirm and be certain that it is for us to do. It is equally important that we confirm and be sure of the set time to do it. Having done all these, we should not delay the obedience.

With what the Lord has just taken us through in this piece, we should now be seeing better into the criticality of timeliness in our obedience to God. In Jesus name, there will not be any reason for the Lord to curse our endeavours.

Executing God’s plan at the SET TIME (without delay), is one of the best thing that can ever happen to us and mankind! It is one of the reasons we can be “God’s favourite”.


Prayer Points

1) Oh Lord Jesus, please forgive me for delaying the execution of Your wonderful plan

2) In Jesus name, Lord open my eyes to see the competence you see in me which I am unable to see in myself.

3) Lord,  release into me the grace to make use of the competence in me for accomplishing your will as You so desire(Matthew 6:10), in Jesus name.

4) I reject the tendency for delayed obedience in Jesus name.

5) I receive the grace and mercy for timely obedience and ease to do God’s will, in Jesus name.