(Psalms 140:7, Deuteronomy 9:3, Joshua 8:8, 2 Kings 1:10, Psalms 11:6, Psalms 97:3, Hebrews 12:29).

The uses of fire cannot be limited to one purpose. It is commonly employed for destruction or to cause an irreversible change. However, the Holy Spirit is bringing this to our understanding for a purpose. God the Holy Spirit is teaching us about the power of total and irreversible destruction of fire!

In the old testament time, whenever God commanded utter destruction of enemies’ territory, fire was always employed. Then, during the time of war if a city would be totally destroyed, fire would be employed.

There is a critical need for God the Holy Spirit to open our inner eyes to this: “Father fight my battle with Your fire, destroy every enemies’ sustenance and operational base! Lay waste every part of their existence, in Jesus powerful name. We considered what fire is, so as to be enlightened about what it means to call the FIRE OF THE HOLY GHOST to work! It might also help more to remind ourselves that the Holy Spirit is not a lower authority in the heaven but He is God, the third of the God of Trinity(the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit).

However, in this time of the new testament we no longer war against human beings, no matter the class or race. We are not going out to destroy cities made by man. We do not  receive the mandate to destroy anyone or anything physical. Instead, we have received a divine authority of Jesus Christ Our Lord, the Head of all principalities and power ( Colossians 2:10) to war against and destroy the kingdoms of darkness. We war against demons ( devilish spirits). These are our real enemies. We have been empowered by the Holy Spirit to exercise such authority in Jesus name. When James and John asked the Lord to rain fire on Samaria, the Lord said He has not come for destruction of human lives but to save them(Luke 9 :54-56). However, one thing is remarkable again when Jesus got to Gadara (Mark 5:2-13). The utterance from the demons was to plead that, Lord Jesus should not torment them. They begged to be sent into the pigs(as if Jesus will let them be). I believed they were happy when Jesus granted them to go into the pigs but shocked when all the pigs violently ran to perish in the sea. The judgement was completed by drowning them in the sea against their plea. Without pity or mercy! The compassion Jesus had was for human( the image of God) and not for the demons. They were terrified that Jesus will torment them. Though compassionate to human, Lord Jesus do not show mercy to demons than to torment and destroy them.

So, we are to also follow suit. We should have compassion on human. But render harsh judgement on the demons. This settles the contemplation concerning judgmental prayer at this dispensation of grace. Well beloved, that was not what Jesus thought us. He did not command that we should not pray a judgemental prayer. Nonetheless, the important point is to whom are we directing the judgmental prayer, the demons or the human being (God made in His own image)?

When we war against them, we will need to employ harsh battle strategy, “for this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that He might destroy the works of the devil”.

This justifies us when we call upon the Holy Spirit to destroy them, their works, territories and existence with His fire. Yes, to annihilate them with the Holy Ghost fire, in Jesus mighty name. Oh Lord Jesus, cover Your children with Your blood and Your power.

Remember, for total and irreversible destruction fire is needed!


Prayer Points

1) Oh Lord God, the Strength of my salvation, thank You for covering me in the day of battle, in Jesus name(Psalms 140:7).

2) Oh Lord God, let Your fire shield me from my enemies, in Jesus name.

3) God the Holy Spirit, fight my battle with Your fire, destroy every enemies’ sustenance and operational base! Lay waste every part of their existence, in Jesus powerful name.

4) Holy Ghost fire, annihilate (completely wipe out) my enemies in their hidden and secret places, in Jesus name.

5) Holy Ghost, do not let any work of the devil against me or my family survive Your fire, in Jesus name( 1 John 3:8b).