(Deuteronomy 32:15, Psalms 19:7-11, Psalms 63:1-8, Psalms 27:4-9).

Christ living in us is great but not caging Him in our heart only for devotional purpose will be greatly awesome. Certainly, the Lord wants more than our “religious self”. He wants more than our “prayer life”. He wants to be in us and with us not only in the church or at our prayer corner, but also when we walk in the garden, in the kitchen, in the shopping mall, when we visit friends and families. He wants to be with us in our vehicles, at school and at work. He wants to live in our thoughts, desires and ambitions.

Please, let us not only spend our time for Him but let Him have it for Himself. Let us not always instruct Him but we should also wait on Him for His instructions. Let us not weigh His instructions against ours but instead let what we go out to accomplish be His. Let what our hearts desire and long for, be seeking and seeing that the Lord is involved in all we do. Let Him be able to boast of owning us and not we boasting of using Him. Do not let us be happy with Him only when He does what we really want. Let us always be in the certainty that His thought towards us is always good.

Beloved, avoid participating in anything you cannot ask the Lord to be involved (take part) in, with you. Let us keep away from things we are tempted to hide from the Lord. Things we so much wish the Lord is not aware of (as if He is not the omnipotent), are what we should stay away from. Let us stay away from things that we are bent on doing and cannot tolerate or yield to His speaking contrary to it. These are things we might be tempted to compel Him to endorse (forgetting that our Lord cannot be manipulated).

The Lord’s secret abides with those who walk in intimacy with Him (Genesis 18:17). He does not just bless them but He chooses to be for them. He chooses to be their all in all. He thinks about them when He sends the rain, when He sends blessings and when He sends judgment. They are in His plans. He never forgets them when He executes His plans.

Everywhere we go, should be we with Him.

All we do, should be we with Him.

Every moment of our life, should be we with Him.

Let us serve the Lord not as means to an end but as all that we have and leave for.


Prayer Points

1) Lord, I pray for heart that desires always to have You above all things, in Jesus name

2) Lord, bless me with the knowledge of Your love, in Jesus name.

3) Lord, give me and my families the heart that desires You, seeks You and receive You completely, in Jesus name.

4) Oh Lord, give me increase and let my harvest be bountiful and great, in Jesus name.

5) Lord Jesus, by mercy, release into me enabling grace that will not let me waste harvest or squander anointing.