(Genesis 6:5-13, Matthew 13:37-51, 1 John 2:14, 1 John 5:18)

Wickedness is the act of doing evil. No one can do evil unless he is so inspired by the devil (what the devil often uses to  inspire evil are vengeance, misfortune, pride, envy). No one can feel comfortable with doing evil if he has not being possessed by evil. The devil is the doer of evil. That is his attribute. Wickedness and evil are devil’s belongings. No one shares these with him without possessing a part in him. To take side with wickedness is to take side with the devil. To oppose wickedness is to be on the Lord Jesus’ side. Wickedness alienates one from Jesus and turns one to a tool in the hand of the devil. One’s decision to do evil is the same as submitting oneself under the control of the devil. It makes one become devil’s weapon. It is so pathetic that the devil lures and recruits people into wickedness only to share with him in the dreadful judgment of God awaiting him (Revelation 12:12, Revelation 20:10). The Word of God tags him the wicked one (Matthew 13:19, 1 John 3:12, 1 John 5:18). Another name for wickedness is evil.

No one will be led by the Holy Ghost into doing evil. A source cannot breed evil and good at the same time. One will leave for another. Depending on whichever one receives the greater portion of the person’s heart, where they meet.

A person possessed by wickedness do not even know how greatly he hurts others and how badly he offends God. He is like a car driven by an insane person. In fact, he does not know how much harm he had inflicted on himself. So pathetic, made in the image of God but sold himself out to the devil!

The wicked will watch his neighbor fall into the pit unwarned. To him, it is easier and less burdensome to avoid doing good. Likewise, he finds it satisfying to do evil. While it seems burdensome to him to do good, it seems natural for him to do evil.

The first person a wicked person hurts is himself. He hurts his soul and life. He brings his soul to condemnation and his life to judgement. He is first condemned by his deeds and judged first by the same “cup” he uses to mete judgment to others. The main contenders a wicked person has to compete against is not his fellow human but God, the Holy and the Almighty. God abhors wickedness. He judges the (unrepentant) wicked ones without mercy (Isaiah 3:11). Many are the accusers of the wicked. Each soul they hurt files a case against they before God.

Wickedness is characterized by cruelty and ruthlessness. Cruelty is not a great concern to someone possessed by evil. Instead, he sees what people regard as cruelty, as a normal way of life. What others regard as cruelty, the wicked might regard it as a justified manner of dealing with critical issues. A wicked heart might misinterpret ruthlessness for strictness.

A wicked mind is ruthless i.e. pitiless, cruel, heartless, cold-hearted, harsh, callous, unmerciful, unrelenting, unsparing, unforgiving, unfeeling, uncaring, unsympathetic, uncharitable and lacking compassion.

Gen 6:5 And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.

6  And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart

Some ways to keep away from evil:

1) What you would not want to be done to you, do not do such to others.

2) Whatever you cannot pray for, avoid wishing your fellow human same.

Please, let us not forget this: what the devil often uses to inspire evil are vengeance, misfortune, pride, envy etc.

Holy Spirit, deliver us from wickedness and keep us in the will of God forever, in Jesus name.

Prayer Points

1) Lord Jesus, You died for me, do not give me up to wickedness.

2) Father, deliver us from evil, in Jesus name.

3) Lord Jesus, remove wickedness from my home and families.

4)Oh Lord, Create in me a clean heart and renew a steadfast Spirit within me, in Jesus name.

5) Almighty Father, mightily uphold righteousness in Your church, in Jesus name.