(Numbers 11:1-10, 18-20, Job 22:26-29).

As a human being, to complain to someone is to disturb the person’s peace. However, to address a request to a person is to challenge the humane nature (compassion and benevolence) of that person.

The kind of response complaint attracts is a rebuke. Such rebuke is intended to silent the complainer. It is usually a response of getting rid of that complainer as quickly as possible. If we render a help to a complainer it would be the kind of help to get rid of him or her before a twinkle of an eye. Such help is mostly to silent him and not to settle him. Once someone is known for complaints people shut their doors, hearts and minds against him. They try as much as possible to avoid crossing path with whoever they tag complainer. A life of complaints before God or even human beings like us is not profitable one. We tagged certain list a blacklist i.e. a list of rejected or (if we can say) a totally rejected ones. An habitual complainer is always in the blacklist of many fellows that are meant to be of assistance. In almost like manner, from a loved ones we can only tolerate complaints for as long as we can bear it, after which even if we are seated with them our hearts are shut to them. If possible we make every noticeable or unnoticeable move to block our ears from hearing their complaints.

Our God do not listen to complaint but listens to supplications. A prayer like Hannah’s prayer at Shiloh, King Hezekiah’s petition in the temple, David’s numerous supplications they are from unexplainable agony and unspeakable dejection. That we know how to complain does not make ones life a lot better, instead a life of complaints is always filled with complaints(or rarely devoid of complaints). Whereas a person submitting his or her supplications before God will surely be heard as our precious Lord has assured us in Luke 18:1-8. No matter how long, boring or unpleasant one’s supplications are to people, our Father who hath in heaven listens to them all(but not complaints). He takes note of all of the details of our supplications, as if we are the only creation He has. With the kind of concentration He gives our supplications we might be tempted to say, “the Lord belongs to me only”. Father will not reject a prayer because it is too long or explicit but He rejects and ignores complaints even if disguised as prayers.

Numbers 11: 1  And when the people complained, it displeased the LORD: and the LORD heard it; and His anger was kindled; and the fire of the LORD burnt among them, and consumed them that were in the uttermost parts of the camp.

What can someone who is involved in this do? “… But I use complaint as an appropriate way to let out some internal stress or discomfort situations and challenges have caused. What do I do now? Do I keep them to myself? Such internal pressure can do worse if kept in me!” Yes, all these is right. However, the answer to all these is a very simple one: turn all your complaints to supplications. Having told Him what the situation is (but please let us be mindful of not pitching our tent there) then tell Him what you want Him to do.

Please always remember: A life of complaints is a valley of despair but a life of prayers is being exalted on the mountain top (when some are saying there is casting down then we will say there is lifting up). Complaints can turn one to an outcast but life of prayers can turn one to a sought out. Ultimately, where we can draw our strength from are:

1) focus on the omnipotence, compassion and the almightiness of the Lord.

2) Do not accord supremacy to your challenges or situations.

3) Do not focus on your righteous or upright works for your justification but focus only on Jesus (Isaiah 64:6, Galatians 6:14).

As sons and daughters of the holy and almighty God, we are not the people of complaints but of prayers.




Prayer Points

1) Oh Lord, I thank You because You hear my prayers, in Jesus name.

2) I repent from every sin of complaints, Lord Jesus forgive me (Jude 1:16).

3) Holy Spirit, teach me how to put my challenges into supplications, in Jesus name (Romans 8:26).

4) Every source of complaints in me vanish, in Jesus name.

5) My life will be a fountain of good testimonies, in Jesus wonderful name.