Beloved, you are welcome to the service of God.

Grace is given to all men (hence given to us) that we can function in the field of God our Father through Jesus our Lord.

The Lord has not chosen you because of the gift in you but because of a day like this He deliberately planted that gift in you. This makes you appropriate for this service though not perfect but He is more than willing to take you to perfection through your submission and diligence.

More grace has been added to that which was given to you before. This is because a grace which bestowed the natural gift on you. And to have chosen to function in the body of Christ is a manifestation of more grace.

Please,  you are a part in the whole body of Christ, viewing yourself this way, will make you know how your faithfulness will bring good health to the whole body of Christ. In other way, this will also show how unfaithfulness in your service can be sickness in the body of Christ which is the church.

A faithful body part of Christ is fed more so as to bring forth more fruit. An unfaithful body part that does not yield to guidance and correction can be cut off given way for a more preferred substitute to be added in his/ her place, as a  replacement (Romans 11:17-24).

We pray that the later will not be our portion in Jesus name.

You are important and relevant to the body of Christ. Our Lord says, it is not that we chose Him first but He chose us first (John 15:16).

So, our faithful service to Him is a repay for the love He first displayed to us, by being the first to choose us. I pray as our Lord Jesus Christ with abundant grace is faithful in His love to us, that we also will be faithful workers in His vineyard with perfect obedience to Him, in deed and indeed. Amen.

Once again, welcome to the vineyard of our God and May the Holy Spirit overshadow you in Jesus mighty name, Amen.