(Mark 4: 34, Mark 9: 2, Luke 10: 23)

There are times for corporate worship and there are also time for private worship. For private worship we seem to be familiar with when we are the one calling on Jesus. However, what we are considering here is when Jesus is the one calling us aside for such worship. We know that when we call He answers but what about when He is the one calling us for worship? When He is the one calling us it is for a significant reason and of a greater benefit.

Whenever Jesus would pass important message to His disciples He would do so with them privately. Whenever He was to particularly explain parables He would call them aside. Then He would speak with them some things He never mentioned to the crowd. There He spoke to them something peculiar to each of them as individual, demystifying the past and revealing future secret to them.
Such private worship is where Jesus address issues of our lives in a very direct, clear and purposeful way. The Lord speaks to us about something in us, hidden from a corporate view. He speaks to us  what particularly concerns our lives maybe past, present and future, as deemed fit. Have we come to this point in our walk with Jesus? Aside from those times we chose to spend with Jesus, do we yield to Him when He is the one calling us for a personal and private time? This may be in songs, prayers or word meditation.

We might not hear His audible voice calling us by name for such opportunity. However, when we get inspired (with the urge) to go aside for a private time of worship, may be in songs, prayers or studying the Bible, that is His Spirit leading us and ready to direct us into a private time with Him. Many a time, we might have ignored such inspiration thinking it is out of our convenient schedule. Whereas it may be a time when crucial opportunity for a time with Jesus is beckoning on us. Today the Lord is teaching us not to ignore Him. So, please do not shun Him,  respond to the leading when it beckons. It will never be a waste of time. It is a time He calls you into His presence because He has being waiting for you to approach.

We need a time aside from the crowd with Jesus. We need to hear Him speak directly into our souls, will and lives (family or career). What characterizes this is that, it is an opportunity to become personal with asking Him questions without the distraction of corporate worship. It is not a time for representation or intercession but an opportunity for one on one talk with the Lord of your life. We need to hear Jesus speak to us and not just speaking about us(there is great difference between the two).You will not need a borrowed method or spectacular style of worship. You will not need an imitation but only to be plain(honest) with Him. Your only conduct will be openness and transparency with Him. It is not about how you package the worship but it is about how genuine you are (with Him) from your heart.

Are we ready for the Lord Jesus to call us aside from the crowd? Are we ready for the Lord Jesus to take us apart for a time of personal revival?
Then let us seek His face for this. Let us respond when He calls, He is waiting for us!

Prayer Points

1) Father, by the reason of the blood of Jesus, let me receive and enter into Your kindness, in Jesus name.

2) Lord Jesus, speak Your word of transformation into me, my life and loved ones.

3) Lord,  call me aside and speak healing into me, and my home (Mark 7: 33, 34).

4) Father, speak Your mighty word of deliverance into my life, in Jesus name.

5) Every evil companion in my life, Holy Spirit(my Helper) spew it out by fire, in Jesus name.