(Psalms 26:2, Jeremiah 32:19, Proverbs  5:21, Psalms 139)

At some points in our life it is important to interrupt our activities and evaluate ourselves on how well we are doing the work the Lord committed into our hands. Most times in the midst of our busyness we leave out many details which the Lord Himself is placing emphasis on. If one will be truly successful with his God-given task a time for self-evaluation will be helpful, or betterstill, call on the Lord to show you His evaluation about you. Not doing this sometime makes us major in the minor task and tackle lightly those that should be the major issue unknowingly.

By mercy, the Lord can call our attention to such error. Nonetheless, it is another thing if we are too busy that we cannot even hear the Lord when He calls. It is worse that sometimes, it might take supernatural occurrences for the Lord to get our attention.

However, a time of conscious evaluation is needed for the task Father gives us.

What we will need to do during our time of conscious evaluation are

1) Take your eyes off activities and re-focus on the Lord.

2) Call on the Lord earnestly and seek His face to reveal yourself to you.

3) Go back to the initial God-given instructions and tasks, considering how faithful and committed you are to them.

So, for those you are doing well, give the glory to Him. Do not accord glory to yourselves, even Lord Jesus for His earthly ministry left it to the Father to glorify Him.

For wherever you fall short of the purpose and will of the Lord: ask for forgiveness, take note of available resources you are not utilising and pray earnestly for enabling grace (this is the type of grace to do what is expected of us unfailingly).

Failure will not be acceptable, so let us sincerely do this. Some of the reasons failure will not be acceptable are these:

(1) The Lord gave the tasks to us according to our individual and respective abilities (Matthew 25:15)

(2) there are abundance grace available to always ask for enough when there are shortcomings in our workmanship (1 Timothy 1: 14).

After such conscious evaluation, one will experience remarkable renewal and refreshing, like you are starting with new strength and vigour.

Everyone has his/her divine mandate (tasks), no one is left out. As a father and husband you have the divine mandate of a father and husband. As a mother and wife you have your divine mandate as a mother and wife. As children of God you have your divine mandate. As a servant of God are you not coming short of the expectations God placed on you? Be it in a position of leadership or relationship, the Lord God is counting on you. Heaven is taking record. Heaven is taking account of all. A time of conscious evaluation may put you back on track before it is too late.

So, heaven is counting on us in our various responsibilities(not leaving out anyone). We must not live or act carelessly neglecting the place of conscious evaluation anymore.


Prayer Points

1) Oh Lord, put Your mirror before me and reveal to me my true self.

2) Lord Jesus, let Your word be my focus and do not let me be lost in the middle of busyness (activities).

3) Lord, forgive me my coming short of your instructions, in Jesus name.

4) Father, refresh and renew me with fresh vigour that will manifest excellent results, in Jesus name.

5) Lord Jesus, give me abundant enabling grace for the divine mandate given to me(as a father, mother, children etc).