(Exodus 19:5,  Deut 10:14, Psalm 24:1, Genesis 2:8-23)


Our God is the all-sufficient. He is the God of all, that has all things in His possession. He is not the Creator of water only nor the Creator of the sun only. He is not a God restricted to a particular locality. It is not like he can only rule in the heavens and cannot rule on the earth. It is never like He is God to the natural things who does not have dominion on the artificial ones. Everything and everyone belong to God and they obey Him. In fact, their existence is His pleasure.

What God would use to bless a whole country is not a burden to Him and will not diminish His glory. For the whole world of ours to bask in excellent pleasantness, success and complete splendour does not cost God anything, in fact, that is desire. From His desire to satisfy Adam and Eve, He planted a garden which was blessed with every precious things in abundance.


And the LORD God planted a garden eastward in Eden; and there he put the man whom he had formed.   And out of the ground made the LORD God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight, and good for food; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of knowledge of good and evil (Genesis 2:8, 9)


If we take time to list out all that was mentioned about the beauty of the garden of Eden in Genesis chapter 2, we will see a picture of a God who wants to lavish his majesty, grandeur and splendour on us. You will see God who wants you and me to bask in His majesty, grandeur and splendour. But who is that child that will be faithful enough for all these? Three things are desirable: first, to be faithful; second, to remain faithful and  the third is to remain faithful in the midst of abundance.


Psalm 24:1 says, “The earth is the LORD’S, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein”.


For God to bless His children by establishing them in affluence and power does not cost Him anything. It does not add or remove from His greatness. Heaven is the display of God’s splendour and all creation proclaim His magnificence. It is not a threat to His supremacy nor a competition to Him. However, He is always ready to bless His children but He is waiting for that son or daughter He can lavish His magnificence and majesty on. He is only waiting for that faithful son or daughter who when he blesses will not abuse the grace. He is waiting for that child who greatness or power will not become a stumbling stone to. Father is waiting for that responsible child to whom blessings will not become a pitfall.

He did it with Adam, Eve, David, Solomon, Daniel and all faithful ones. He can always do this for us but we must be those sons and daughters who the world; its influence, power and riches cannot derail or bought over.

There is nothing good Jesus cannot afford to lavish on us but His big concern is “this child is not yet refined enough to handle this magnitude of splendour”. Be the child who seek all good things, in order to do good to others and serve the glory of God, then you will be closer to being the vessel God is waiting to pour His magnificence into (Matthew 24:45-51).


Keep this Book of the Law always on your lips; meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do everything written in it. Then you will be prosperous and successful (Joshua 1:8)


Let us be that vessel Father is waiting to bless and whose desire will not be attached to these blessings. Let us be the vessel who abundant blessings will not shift his desire and love from God. One who lives in great affluence but remain focused on Jesus Christ- his Saviour. Let us be the vessel that will not be manipulated, corrupted or marred with blessings but instead, uses blessings to the good of his fellow man and ultimately to the glory of our gracious God.  That vessel whose focus and target is not the blessing but the divine mandate. That vessel whose focus and target is to do the will of the Lord God and complete His work while it is daytime (John 8:34, John 9:4). God is waiting for that vessel, for Him to lavish His majesty, splendour and grandeur on it.

This is the vessel God wants to pour His blessings into, to overflow and yet adorn him with His kingly splendour. As an artist would pour his skills into his design, even more than this, will our Lord Jesus do with that faithful child.


Who is that vessel ready to receive the splendour of God? You or me? Father is waiting…


Prayer Points


1) Father release into me grace to remain faithful even in the midst of abundance.

2) In Jesus name, the splendour of God enter into my life.

3) In Jesus name, the splendour of God enter into my home.

4) In Jesus name, the splendour of God enter into my work and career(academics).

5) In Jesus name, the fruitfulness of God come into my life, dwell  and manifest in me.