( Rev 4:11, Colossians 1:10, Psalm 147:11, Hebrews 13:21)

God created us to be his delight and pleasure. That was who He created us to be. Creation of His delight and pleasure. That is, the children of His will and purpose.

He will be pleased and delighted if and only if we  are living in His purpose and will. It is actually not our status, acquisition and achievement that delight Him. What pleases Him is not how beautiful our houses or bodies are. None of all these can be compared to the great and awesome beauty of His heavenly dwelling place.

How pleasing and delightful our existence is to Him, determine how closer He is to us. In the same way, He is as far as how displeasing our life is to Him. His nature is (awesome)holiness and purity. We call the characteristic of his existence godliness. Hence, he cannot behold iniquity or ungodliness. Our living in His will and purpose will not only satisfy Him but also attract Him to us. He can be close enough to us to make us His dwelling place. As He cannot be attracted to a life walking contrary to His purpose and will; so also He cannot ignore or abandon a life that walk in His purpose and will. Even on the cross of Calvary when it seemed He forsook His only Son, it was the iniquities of the world which were cast on the Son (as the sacrificial Lamb) that kept Him away from the Son.

Beloved, as we now know that we serve the God who made us so as to be in eternal fellowship with us in delight and pleasure, let us do away from every stumbling stone. Let us cast away every element of unrighteousness. Let us flee from all that has clung to us which will not let our Father be in fellowship with us. Let us seek daily to do things that we keep us in His delight and pleasure.

Then will our worship be a pleasing sacrifice to Him.

Being God’s Delight and Pleasure is Living in His purpose and will.

Please, let us all be Father’s delight and pleasure on the earth. Again beloved, let our work and walk always please Him and be His delight.


Prayer Points

1) Lord Jesus, with Your blood wash away every thing displeasing you in my life and family, and remove us from ways that displease you.

2) Lord Jesus teach me to know and do that which is your delight and pleasure every moment of my life. Philippians 2:13

3) Father, let my home be a dwelling place of Your delight and pleasure in Jesus name.

4) Father lift up Yourself against all who trouble me and my home, in Jesus name.

5) Lord, do not let Your sure mercies depart from me and my home in Jesus name.