(Psalms 69:13, Isaiah 49:8, Isaiah 55:6).

The Lord’s acceptable time is that time when God is within the “reach” of our prayers – “found with arms open”. It is when God is saying “now, I am here for you”, “what do you want me to do for you”. It is the time the Lord says “I have heard your cry” . “I have listened to your supplication”, “your prayers have come up to me” etc.

It is a time Father gives you an open cheque to ask for what you want. It is a time when God’s favour knocks at your door and presents itself to you. It is a time (by mercy and grace) when Father reveals His will and plan to you, more frequently and clearly.

It is not all prayer times that are the Lord’s acceptable time (many are waiting time).

Only the Lord and those He reveals it to that know the Lord’s acceptable time. He can reveal this directly or indirectly.

We may not know when the acceptable time is, if we are far from God’s Heart i.e. If we are unfaithful and not diligent with seeking His will or carrying out His instructions/ command.

Should we now be filled with the anxiety and burden of when the acceptable time is? No, this will not help! What we need are diligence and faithfulness to His will and instruction/ command. Also, blessed are those who He favours with His mercy and grace- we should never stop praying for this two. If we are diligent and faithful we will not miss our acceptable time . Again, grace and mercy shorten the waiting time and makes the acceptable time come quickly. Hence, not been diligent or faithful can postpone this time to future time or beyond reach.

So, it is a thing for the acceptable time to come and it is another to be able to do what is required of us during it.

What we do at this time is significant to the result we receive from it. How we utilise this time is critically important. At all acceptable times as we are watchful of sins, we should also be watchful of ignorance, negligence, laziness and anxiety. If we watch against these, remaining faithful and diligence to the Lord’s will and instructions, we will be fruitful with the Lord’s acceptable time because His Spirit will be there to guide and lead us right. Keep on praying, keep on praising, keep on acting in faith, keep on seeking(and doing) His will and listening to His instructions/command (and obey them with love) as found in His WORD.

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with us. Amen.


Prayer points

1) Thank You Lord because my acceptable time is now.

2) Thank You for Your great grace and overflowing mercy that counted me worthy even when I was not worthy of acceptance.

3) Wherever I need acceptance, Father, by mercy, let me receive it, in Jesus name.

4) Do not let me misuse my acceptable time.

5) Even if my ability is not good enough to execute this day please quicken me, in Jesus name.