Exodus 13:14, 1 Samuel 5:6, 1kings 18:46, Ezekiel 8:1

The hand works and imparts by direct or indirect touch. The hand impart blesses on favoured ones and curses on enemies. It symbolizes strength, action, control, power, possession and assistance.

In this light God’s Hand (the mighty hand of the Almighty God) cannot be taken lightly because it wrought wonders.

God’s hand works for the favour of His children but works judgment on His enemies.

If the hand of God is upon His children there is bound to be a spectacular manifestation in such children. If the hand of God is upon His enemies there is bound to be dreadful judgment on such enemies.

The hand of God was on Elijah and he outran the chariot of King Ahab. This is a practical example of the impartation of God’s speed(One of His attributes) 1 Kings 18:46.

When the hand of God was on Ezekiel he could function in a different realm of God’s manifestation. When the hand of God is on us for good we will begin to do what ordinary strength or capability of man can not do. We will receive impartation of God’s power and even, His attributes.

In 1 Samuel 5, when the enemies of God’s captured the Ark of God and abuse His authority, the hand of God was upon them with dreadful judgement.

So, please, with great diligence and faithfulness plead for this act of God, as His children. May the God Holy Spirit open our understanding in Jesus name.


Prayer Points

1) Mighty hand of Jesus, pick up Your broom of fire, sweep out of my life every works of the enemies in Jesus name.

2) The hand of God for change, re-write my story for perfect success and breakthrough in Jesus name.

3) Father lay Your hand on me, release into me Your great speed and accuracy (God’s speed), in Jesus name.

4) Father lay Your mighty hand on me and purge out all works of the enemies in my body with immediate effect, in Jesus name.

5) My Lord and my God draw out Your sword of judgement and pass through my enemies camp, devour and destroy them in Jesus name.