(Isaiah 26:3, John 14:27, Romans 15:33, Philippians 4:7, Zechariah 2:5).

Watchtower is a place built to be high enough for the person on it to be able to see farther than what can be seen while standing on the lowlands. Its purpose is for seeing ahead every occurrence before they come too close, so as not to meet one unprepared. It is a place of great vigilance and alertness and should not be compromised. It’s takes the grace of God to understand the peculiarity of gateway. To a person of simple mind, watchtower may not be of great consideration. We can indeed plan and strategies for peace but only our Lord Jesus, the Prince of Peace can release and give us the genuine peace. Who do we think will be best on our watchtowers? Our friends, our families or God? Only Jesus knows who to appoint and anoint with His Holy Spirit for us.
Giving our watchtowers over to Him will be a great gain to us. So, please let us commit our watchtowers to him.
Another of same relevance as the Spirit expounded to us above is the gateway (gate). The gateway into any territory is usually a strategic access point. This a place where guard should not be compromised. Gateways to one’s life are the heart (centre of decision making), the mouth (centre of  eating, drinking and talking), sleep (centre where only the spiritual leads) etc. No matter how great or powerful one claims to be, there will always be someone greater and more powerful than him or her. However, God is the greatest and the most powerful that no one can measure up with or be compared with. Hence, let us give our gateways over to Him; it will be great gain for us. To feeble hands, gateways might be of no great importance.
Thirdly, another issue the Holy Spirit is bringing to our understanding is the Wall. The wall is very important for keeping away intruders, enemies and trespassers. God in Zechariah 2:5 says “For I, said the LORD, will be to her a wall of fire round about, and will be the glory in the middle of her”. Here God was not only saying I will secure your wall but He says that He, Himself will be the wall (not just ordinary one but) of fire ROUNDABOUT us. Please, let us give it up to Him to be the wall of fire roundabout us.
May the Holy Spirit open our understanding so that we will not be casual  with these issues or keep them away from God. Amen.
So, brethren in Christ, let us with true and total submission in great love give our watchtowers, gates and walls over to God. He is the Lord, our Banner (Jehovah Nissi) ! Exodus 17:15

Prayer Points

1) Sleep is an access into the spiritual realm, God the Holy Spirit take charge of my sleep, do not give the access to the devil or his agent, in Jesus name.

2) Lord, do not let me shut You out of my relationship and friendship, in Jesus name.

3) Father, do not separate Yourself from my decision making and do not let me shun You from it, in Jesus name.

4) In Jesus name, I will not fall into mistakes that we put me in the reach of the devil and his agents, and may the blood of Jesus wash away the ones I have made.

5) God the Holy Spirit, be in full charge of the gate and the watchtower of my life,  in Jesus name.