(Isaiah 45, Matthew 5:18, Isaiah 40:8, James 2:18)

Our Lord, the Father of all, the Almighty God, the all-knowing, all-possessing, ever-present, all-powerful is always faithfully ahead.

Unfailingly, in His awesomeness, He has worked out this year completely.

He is not just starting to prepare the year but He has concluded His preparations of this year when we were not aware. Really, He has spoken it now into reality and manifestation according to His good pleasure, love and faithfulness. So, He is only sending forth the year, like a prepared athlete running a race! This year will not come to its end until He fulfils all the programs and agendas of His awesome “Almightiness”.

The agendas are set in order of occurrence and timed with grace and mercy, awaiting our prayers and faithfulness.

In His eternal faithfulness He moves ahead of His children to prepare the way with His “almightiness”. A Christian brother once said that our God is unchanging, in this light, only human beings change Him. Yes, with our prayers and faithfulness.


This makes it clearer that everything about Him is constant and all about His agenda and programs is constant.

Therefore the only determining factor which is arithmetically called the variable is our own task to be done. It is our responsibility. How faithful we are. How prepared and ready we are. How sensitive we are. How timely we are in carrying out our side of the story and our part of the story. These are what determine how timely, sequential and perfectly His agendas and programs come into pass; without any falling away without fulfilment and manifestation. The constant factor lies with God and His work but the variable factor lies with us.

In Jesus name our sensitivity to Him will be increased. Our eyes, ears and minds will be open to Him. We will make His perfect word come to pass.

Once again, God’s agendas are set in order of occurrence and timed with grace and mercy BUT AWAIT OUR FERVENT PRAYERS AND FAITHFULNESS (this includes our taking steps of faith) James 2:18.

Glory be to the name of the Lord! Praise be to the name of the Lord! Thanks to the Lord that lives in the heavens, who has established is kingdom in us and in His CHURCH, Christ Apostolic Church Oke Itunu. Hallelujah!

Prayer Points

1) Almighty God, by mercy, lead us into the good path/way that we must take this year, in Jesus name.

2) Almighty God, cast down every work of the devil and the darkness, remove all problems and troubles, in Jesus name.

3) Almighty God, open the doors of greatness and blessings and take us into them this year, in Jesus name

4) Jesus our Lord, write and declare good concerning us this new year.

5) Almighty God, decree excellence and prosperity into us this new year, in Jesus name.