Teenage and youthful years are the years  to keep planting and growing like you do not know which will grow, even if you know. Just keep planting and growing. With all emphasis keep planting all good things.

As God has created all things and given decree to them (for all to function as appointed by God). The rain will do its part to water whatever you plant. The ground will do its part to hold what you plant. The sun will do its part to shine on all; either good or bad. They will surely give us our rewards. Better still, we will have our rewards, as at when due. This is a supreme law God has given to all creations.

Where now do our responsibilities come in as teens and youths? One of the major responsibilities our time and age have given us, is planting and growing good seeds. For this reason, we need to be mindful of the type of seeds we plant. Do not eat your fruits with the seeds. Eat the fruit but please plant the seeds! Do not neglect the seeds. Seeds neglected are opportunities ignored. The once-a-planted-seed will grow to become fruits (a seed usually yield more than one fruit) for harvest. If a seed is not planted, there will be no fruit. Anytime you eat fruit, please always remember this, “if the seed that borne the fruit has not been planted will I have this fruit to eat?

Wise teenagers and youths know that this time is for planting and growing. This gives result that can be harvested when strength and time might have diminished at old age. However, some not-too-wise ones eat their seeds as they would eat fruits. They eat seeds and are left with nothing to sow. The funniest thing is that if weed is not taking over their fallowed land, other serious-minded people will encroach into the unused land. That is the reason why some people realise late in life that they have only wasted opportunities available to them. They might have nothing to point to as their fruit at their old age. So, either they have left their life for weed to grow on it or they have been taken over by the serious minded ones. This leaves them with the option of depending on others person’s fruit for their old age. How frustrating and regrettable!

Permit me to define youth and teenager’s LIBERTY as not been restricted or limited by your strength. Permit me to say that teenage and youthful years are time when your strength is at its peak (summit). Let us do something reasonable, relevant and profiting with our abundant strength and time.

No matter how long the time is, it is just passing by. It is ticking. The shocking fact is that your body is responding to the ticking of the time, even if your mind is not. If the mind refuses to grow old, the body will certainly grow old.

Now, liberty is sweet. Possibilities are still before you to become that great man or woman you wish to become. Dreams, visions and choices are before us. Some of these, if followed will lead you to fulfilment of those big dreams but some, if followed will only leave you dreaming. God forbids!

So, identify the good seeds of life. If they seem unavailable, search for them. Good seeds are worth buying, if we have to.

Do the planting and growing diligently (yes, diligently), for fruitful and profiting results and bountiful harvest when due.

Guide against weeds and trespassers. They are the destroyers of good plants. You can find them among friends, enemies or strangers. They come to choke, trample on or cut away good plant, either tender or mature. Please, do not give sleep to your eyes when you should be watching against these enemies.

Beware of some impostors who feeds on other people’s labour. These are thieves. They come to steal and can devise any trick or violence to do this.

However, in the whole journey, you need to be connected to your Creator. If you ponder on the success of every stage and phase, you will realise human strength is nothing except empowered, guarded, guided and led by the Holy Spirit of the living God. Seek Him while you are young. Without Him life journey will be frustrating and disappointing. Call Him for the planning now and do not ignore Him.

May the spirit, favour and mercy of God dwell in us, so that we would be able to diligently plant good seeds. May our efforts grow richly to bear good fruits in abundance, in Jesus name.