(Genesis 24:12, Psalms 5:3, Psalms 143:8, Psalms 121:8)

Have we thought about this that “the time and fervency I use for change-my-story prayers, I can also use same for direct-my-step prayers? Ensuring that prayer precedes all steps, all situations. Ensuring that I begin each morning with sincere prayers. And if I do, it will do me good, greatly. This will give me the benefit of starting well and starting with our Lord Jesus. And will save me the cost of doing repairs. This will settle negotiation, before it begins. This removes mountain before it is mounted. It calms the storm before it rages. It handles and settles issues before they begin.

The faith and patience we use for uprooting undesired weeds and trees, let us use same for planting the desire seeds that can grow to our desired tree and produce the desired fruits. What could make us fall back to prayer if all hope is lost, let us use same to kindle the fire of prayers, when all issues are still in the planning and planting stage.

Let us always call upon God from the onset. We should let talking to Jesus be the top/first priority, not one of the options and not just the last resort.

Let us always go to the Father of all days (the Ancient of days) and settle the day on our knees before Him, every morning (redeeming the time).

Let us always receive our victory first on our knees every morning.

By this, we are telling God to have His way and put all situations under His control. Not doing this is giving the day or situation up to chances and letting situations lead us. God forbids!

Prayers points

1) Today oh Lord, declare my life as no fly zone and no trespass zone for the wicked, in Jesus name.

2) Father, favour me this day, let me fit into Your will and plans, in Jesus name.

3) Lord, let Your unfading glory shine on us and envelope us, in Jesus name.

4) Father, arrest and clear away every evil that might let my life and vicinity unsafe for me, in Jesus name.

5) Oh Lord, preserve and bless my going out and coming in, in Jesus name.