(Psalms 57 : 8; Matthew 25 : 14, 15; James 1 : 17).

Talent lifts you up,  makes you mount higher on the wings of grace and position you in significant summit where you perch on; to you it is normal, to spectators it is extraordinary.

Talent can put within your reach, the heart of kings. It is like “extraordinary bonus” God inputed into you. It is the treasure residing within you. It is like natural resources or precious stone God embeds, deep within you.

Sometimes the signs can be obvious in you but can only be as we see traces of natural resources or precious stones on the surface of the earth or sea. This is because the treasure itself is embedded in the earth or sea. As the greatness of the natural resources are still hidden to naked eyes so is the greatness of the divine talents in you is still covered deeply. Only exploration can bring out natural resources and precious stones, in like manner, only seriousness with yourself, with God, and against your enemies can bring these out.

What is an eagle doing perching around in lowlands while its stand should be in the highest mountains?

Beloved, if you go to any workers of darkness or iniquities for the sake of manifesting your talent, please know that you are only visiting the fraudsters. They are only fraudsters just like money doubler! So, instead of going to the fraudsters let us all go to Jesus our Lord.

Psalms 57 : 8,   ‘Awake, my glory; awake, psaltery and harp: I myself will awake early’.

I beseech you to also cry out “awake my talent,  awake the instruments of my talents manifestation”.

Yet importantly, let us awake early to divine task.

Psalms 30 : 12,  ‘To the end that my glory may sing praise to You, and not be silent. O LORD my God, I will give thanks unto You forever’.

In all of these, let the talent honour and exalt God.

We will now tell it to our self today and at this moment that:

1) Holy Spirit, my God, connect me with the  talent of my life, in Jesus name.

2) Put in my “hands” the instruments of my talent manifestations, in Jesus name.

3) Hear my voice, my talent, arise with the power and authority of God and begin to manifest in me and through me today onwards, in Jesus name.

4) Father,  Jealously keep us under Your control, away from strange power, authority,  knowledge, manipulation and wisdom of enemies.

5) Father, every enemy opposing the manifestation and fulfilment of this talent, sacrifice them for my upliftment, in Jesus nam.