Psalms 119:133  Order my steps in your word: and let not any iniquity have dominion over me.

When looking into some prayer halls, most of the people present there are those who:

1) Blame others

2) Blame the devil, and

3) Blame God

for there problems;


We freely blame everyone: the devil, enemies and God but not ourselves.

We pin point why others should be blamed for our misfortune but we do not turn our eyes to what we could also be blame for. We want, as well pray others change themselves or take relevant steps towards the resolution of our problems. We talk about what others and God should do, for our problems to be solve. In all evaluations and critical analysis we do not turn the searchlight on ourselves.

Most importantly, it might be this self-evaluation and self-confrontation that our challenges need to bow and vanish. We can spend a long period confronting others with their fault while finding it impossible to effectively confront ourselves. We need the self-confrontation that can bring us to the point of bowing and kneeling before our God for mercy. Most times we do not know how close we are to self-destruction until we cross-examine ourselves.

We should  not wait for challenges to linger before we examine ourselves in the light of “what have I done wrong, am I currently doing the right thing and what do I need to do?”. Brief cross-examination might not be what we need but a critical one. During times like this, God comes closer to speak to us and open our minds.

Please, let our sincere and genuine prayer be

1) Lord, reveal myself to me in Jesus name.

2) Lord Jesus, reveal who I am before you to me.

3) Father, please remove self-righteousness and pride from me,  in Jesus name.

4)Holy Spirit, remove the veils that self-righteousness and pride have put on me,  in Jesus name.

5) Father guide my feet away from self-destruction. Save my soul, my life and my body”, in Jesus name.