Hello friends,

Today we will be discussing talent.

Please permit me to define talent as the natural ability  to exhibit certain skills.

We can as well claim that we have seen people exhibiting one or more talents. Some have talents for singing, writing and even talking.

In as much as we know that talent is natural, its improvement depends on us striving to make it better. Getting better with our talent is an important responsibility.

Our focus now, is knowing or being aware that we must improve on our “raw” talent. There is a need to get better with the good ability in us.

When we came across Joseph in Genesis 37:5-10, what was significant about him was is talent for dreaming. At the beginning he was dreaming about himself. This we know but how about his dream interpretation we just stumbled at in Genesis 40:8? I do not see this as what came to be at that instance of the incidence of Genesis 40:8. I see it as what was developing in him over time. Even, among thorns from brethren and foreigners (This is to show us that what can hinder us from improving is not an opposition or discouragement from people or situation but our mind and its content except if we are not in the will of God). I believe he was on his own meditating on the connection between him and the talent of dreaming that people misunderstood about him.

With time and dedication he must have kept improving and becoming not just better with dreams but with the interpretation also. He was dreaming about himself but later became interpreter for not only himself but for others.

An ability would have been embedded in you but it will take your diligence to improve on it, so as to be able to utilise it. It takes another level of improvement to be able to now utilise it for others.