(Genesis 15 : 1, Genesis 31 : 29, Isaiah 59 : 19).

At different stages and times (points) of our lives, the Lord interrupts us to remind us that He is our unexpiring King.

The Lord, most high God, the possessor of heaven and earth is alive at every moment of our lives. He is the God to who we have not found equal or competitor.

The enemies and the situation know His ultimacy, they cannot deny it but only try to deceive us into believing otherwise. They know they are not waging war against God but on us. They are not challenging God but us. The greatest work the enemies are doing, is for us not to think, have knowledge, understanding and wisdom about the awesomeness, mightiest, and greatness of our God. They know that our salvation and victory is in the understanding and knowledge we have about our God. What we claim to be by mere confession, really does not mean anything to the devil but what we are becoming through our knowledge in our God is their ultimate threat. THIS MAKES GOD, TIME AFTER TIME, takes it upon Himself to PROCLAIM and REPROCLAIM HIMSELF TO US. So that we can gain enough knowledge about Him for us to lay hold on our  victory. Please, we need to bear it in mind that He is not doing this to secure praise for Himself or buy popularity among us(the hosts of heaven gives Him more than enough) but for our own good.

What else do you expect from a loving, caring and faithful Father?!

This is another time when He is proclaiming Himself to us.

So, we can rise to stand against our enemies and situation with our renewed knowledge in our God through Jesus our Lord and in the power of the Holy Spirit. And with a renewed knowledge of our God we will stand again to declare the downfall of the enemies, saying to mountains to flee and situations to bow in Jesus name because our God is alive. This is what lifts up the mighty arm of our Lord.

Prayer Points

1) Oh Lord, like a mighty wind raise a standard against my enemies on every side, in Jesus powerful name.

2) My Father, be my mighty and ultimate shield, in Jesus name.

3) Father, You are my exceeding great reward, whatever will deprive me of my reward in You, remove it, in Jesus name.

4) Oh Lord, my God, plead my cause, in Jesus name.

5) Lord Jesus, please, hold me close and dear to You in Your unconditional love.