Acts 12: 21- 24; John 6:14, 15

Servant of God, when people raise your praise above God; flee. When they lift your works above God’s work, run. When they accord glory to you instead of God, please correct them with all humility.

When they would first acknowledge you before Jesus, please advise them on putting Jesus first; and always first.

When they want you, than having Jesus, please put Jesus in front and hide yourself behind Him.

When they believe in your name more than they believe in Jesus name, please let them know that there is no other name through which one can be saved than the name, Jesus (Acts 4: 12; Acts 3:12, 13)

Please, if you allow this, you will be pitching your camp against God(Acts 4:22-23)

Accepting this can make you a rival to Jesus.

Rejoicing in this, will make you a celebrated alternative to Jesus.

Please, please and please He does not share His glory with anyone (Isaiah 42:8, Isaiah 48:11)

He does not give His glory to anyone.

He makes us His delegates to everyone, not competitor. He raised us as repesentatives for himself and not as a replacement of  Himself. Not as counsel or adviser to Himself. But as minister!


I pray that anything that will turn us to competitor or alternative to Jesus will never be our portion or come near us in Jesus name.

Whatever will lock us up with God in show of supremacy or “who is worthy?”, may it not possess us in Jesus name.