(2 Samuel 22: 45, 46; Psalm 18: 44, 45; Mathew 15:13; John 8: 36)

Many are the strangeness we harbour in us.

Some are there to cause destruction.

Some are there to cause violence.

Some are there to cause timidity.

Some are there to cause sin and disobedience.

Some are to do evil unto others and incur curses on us( God forbid).

Some are there to cause laxity.

Some are there for manipulation.

However, it is within the grace of God in Jesus and by the Holy Spirit to reject, bind and cast them out, asking for the Holy Ghost fire to consume them. May the power of Jesus that sets the captive free overshadow us mightily.

1) All problems in me or my life, Holy Spirit swallow them up in Jesus name.


2) Every spirit and power tormenting me and my body, Holy Spirit consume them now in Jesus name.

3) Every strange power and work contradicting the move of the Holy Spirit in me, die and perish in Jesus mighty name.

4) Fire of the living God pass through my life and body and destroy every strangeness in me in Jesus powerful name.

5) Father quicken my spirit, body and soul for a greater exploit and manifestation in Jesus glorious name.