Bless yourself as you bless others. Minister also to yourself, as unto others.

I made my ministers ground channel of waters. That which takes water to other places. However, some of my ministers have turned themselves to rubber channel of water distribution.

Rubber channels will only pass water (distribute) but will not retain enough for itself. This is not the same with the ground channels. Ground channels indeed distribute water to other places but retains enough water in itself. Its ground get soaked and retains wetness unlike the rubber channels.

Some of my minister bless others with what I have given them but do not bless themselves with same, so they remain unblessed while they are channels of blessing to others.

Some of my minister makes the worst sinner turn from his ways of damnation through the effective use of my Word that I gave to them.  However, they themselves are untouched and progress through different levels of sins till they are destroyed. Because they do not listen to themselves as they speak my Word.

Most times when they ask me to visit I do so mightily but they forget to ask for themselves, even if they ask they do not ask enough. And they ask over and over for everyone else except themselves.

So, be an audience of your ministration.

Bless yourself as you bless others. When you pray for your congregation, also pray for yourself. Keep asking, do not think you have had enough. Be a good listener and doer of My word as it comes through you. Remember, it only profits the faithful doer and not the speaker!