Mathew 25: 19-30

I will ask you and you will account for them.

The authority I put in you. The power, the unction, the charisma and the grace.

Now, I have given you according to your ability. If you think your ability is not good enough for what you have been given then you might have inner ability that you have not discovered yet. It is not a time to be marvelled under the burden of responsibility. All that you have been given, you have the ability to utilize them and be profitable with them. However, if indeed you have been given from the will of the Father, one thing is certain that it is according to your ability. If being profitable from all I have given you seems as a heavy burden of responsibility, then you need a time alone with the Father to ask for instruction, direction and guidance on how to utilize them, for who to utilize them, where you will need to utilize them even when to utilize them- the time of execution. Very important!

At times you might have been given power but not been taken to where you can utilize it.You might have been given grace to function but might not have asked for who to minister the grace to.

Knowing your execution time is equally important.

At times what you need to ask for might be additional grace.

So, going through all these might weigh one down with the thought of how do I perfect all these? You surely cannot do them by yourself, that is why you need times of personal retreats with the Father ( Mathew 14: 23). Why is the time of personal retreat necessary? It is the time to re-bore, reshape, re-tune, re-modify and restrategize you, for another phase of life and ministry. At some critical time, what is needed might be a complete overhaul. Having all powers, authority and without time to time personal retreat with the Father will with time render you useless, even in the midst of plenty. It is during time like this that Father takes you through some mysteries of being still and that of going forth! You will be able to know when to be still. You will be able to know when you should go forth so that you will not abuse your time and opportunity.

It might be that you will be enlightened on what you lack and should ask for, for the journey to be profitable and pleasant. You might be led to ask for things you would never have thought you need which is necessary for a fruitful and pleasant journey in life and ministry.

Hence, what should be the great concerns now, is how to utilize and be profitable with all you have been given because on the day of reckoning, you will be made to account for all!