There was a man who never had a penny in building his house. The house was handed-over to him with a manual.

The man for sometime did not recognize yet, his authority over this house. Nonetheless he was leaving in peace.

Lo and behold, some years later, when he realized that nothing was done except he gave a word in the house and every other person was a stranger to this house. Having realized the significance and the magnificence of the house, he decided on the following.

To get constant flow of income

  • he converted a part into brothel,
  • he made a bar and casino,
  • he demolished some parts of the building to suit his desire for another design,
  • he valued all asset to know his worth and began to walk only with those he thought were in is class,
  • he accommodated armed robbers and cheats, who in turn paid him some charges for this,
  • the sight of the house became a terror to the society and in this he rejoiced,
  • the house was a prison to the poor and oppressed, but paradise to the proud.

As time rolled on, he who housed the thieves and the cheats took after them, in fact, worse than them.

These grew worse day by day and became inexpressible till the actual man who put him in charge of the house could not close his eyes and ears to those evils any longer, then he came to judge.

It was at the time of judgment the man came into the understanding of his wasted life and asset.

His main reason was to generate unending means of income but this was what happened. (Tell me who can walk with the devil and still not have any trace of evil! None! )

He actually got the money- made so much money but in turn became a customer to the prostitutes, casino … all these gulped his money just as it was being made.

A chase after the wind!

The parts of the building he demolished to suit his desire was unknowingly, initially, built with the most expensive materials. Not only that, these were the strength of the building itself!

Oh, only if he had realized this before!

A chase after the wind!  

He made himself terror to the good and friend to the wicked. Walked in the counsel of the wicked and despised the good.

Now that his judgment is at hand, whose cry will God hear on his behalf or against him; the plea for mercy or the cry for vengeance?

Well, we know what the answer is …

A chase after the wind!

So, he thought…

  • If only his life could appear on a paper and he would be able to erase, cancel or even tear his wrongs.
  • If only he were dreaming then he would have sorted for the wisest men like Joseph and Daniel to give him the best advice on what to do.
  • If only his life were a movie then he would have just learnt from it.

He thought on when he would have changed his ways; when he would have searched for the man who put him in charge of the building, maybe he would have helped him in re- tracing the right path.

The manual might has well guided him on the right part. But now the die is cast!

Judgment awaits him and he as well awaits judgment.

If I mention the name of the person in the middle of all these, the police might apprehend him. The human right activists may intervene for the sake of who he oppressed.


The person is you…

And the house is your body.

The manual is the Word of God- the Bible

Now answer this!

When you were born, was it not for a purpose?

Do you think your looks or body was a mistake or a random selection?

All your talents; how will you account for them before the Creator? (Mat. 25: 14- 30)

All that happened to the house are what happen to your body.

  • Sexual immoralities
  • Pride
  • Drunkenness
  • Greediness
  • Evil communication
  • Hatred
  • Evil deeds

Now you look much like the authority in charge of your body, but a time comes when you will stand before your Creator and you would wish you could have made an amendment?

But why wait till then… judgement days (Rev. 20: 11-15; 21: 8, 27). Change your way now and let Jesus save and redeem you. Even at this moment Jesus is stretching forth His hand to you, no matter how bad or filthy your past was (Isaiah 1: 18).

If you want to surrender all to one who knows the whole of you even before you were born (Jer. 1: 5), then say this piece of prayer.

Jesus, I surrender all to you. I have acted wrongly long enough. Now, I recognize you as the Lord of my life. Forgive me because of Your death and love for me.

From now on, I will live to serve you steadfastly. Help me O Lord I pray. Amen.

If only you know the joy in heaven because of your new state of life (Luke 15: 7)… but ultimately begin to meditate on the Word of God as never before- and again I say please study your Bible as God wants to speak to you through it.

Note: You’’ll find God’s will in His word (Psalms. 138: 2). The more you study the Bible, the more God discloses His will to you.