(Genesis 18: 1- 22; 19: 1-11; Hebrews 13:2, Luke 1: 26, 27)

Angelic visitations are still very real, in this our time. More often, they come in unexpected or unspectacular ways, like coming as one of your numerous customers, co-worshippers, co-passengers or even as that irritating road user. They may come like the despised, downtrodden even smartly dressed like the high class. They may be unseen or seen, in spiritual or physical interaction.

However, we must be prepared so that they will not be the next irritating person we mock, abuse or quarrel with.

The angels of the living God take note of our actions, yes, they take record about us and submit such before our Lord.

In Genesis 18: 1- 22; 19: 1-11 the same angelic visitation that brought Abraham’s breakthrough was also the one that brought a total and complete destruction on Sodom and Gomorrah.

Abraham waiting time has been long and seemed overdue yet God manifested his breakthrough by angelic visitation.

What if instead of sending an angel, the LORD visits by Himself?!

1)I rebuke every demonic angel and his visitation in Jesus powerful name.

2)Holy Spirit, by fire and thunder dislodge and destroy the enemies of my divine visitation in Jesus name.

3)Any of my breakthroughs that will need to be manifested through angelic visitation Holy Spirit take total control of it for my success in Jesus name.

4)Father please do not let me fail You when such visitation occurs, in Jesus name.

5)Jesus, release on me, the grace to discern the angels of God from that of the devil.