It’s all about Jesus!

The life I live.

The hope I have.

The path I follow.

The peace I have.

Jesus is the joy in me.


Jesus is the message I bring.

The goodnews I bring to you.

For Christ in me, the hope of glory.

In Him I found my redemption and free salvation.


My whole life and “self” redefined and transformed.

In Him was my lifestyle overhauled, unto His perfection.

In Him was I reshaped, to fit a greater purpose.


In Him was my valleys filled

My mountains and hills removed

My crooked paths made straight,

Rough ways made smooth.


If being a wheel to Your will is a mandate, then I am in.


If doing Your will is a mandate, then I choose to remain in it.

You own both to will and to do of Your great pleasure in me.

So I promise to be Your arm to the armless.

I promise to be Your feet to the footless.

I chose to faithfully carry Your purpose to the world- the work of Your hands.


Thank You Jesus for grace, mercy and favour; .


When next you see me, ask about Jesus.

He is the owner of my soul, spirit, body and all.