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Run from those who prepare you for this earth but do not prepare you for heaven.
Run from those who tell you only about grace (grace to sin is not Jesus’ grace, Jesus’ grace is the grace to be holy ) and freedom (straying away is also part of freedom).
Run from those who says holiness is only a thing of the heart, that Jesus is not concerned about what you wear or how you look. I wonder where the thought of how to dress and how to look comes from, if not the heart.
Run from those who only teach you to war and conquer your enemies but will not teach you to war and conquer sin, they may escorts you to hell fire.
Run from those who will build you up morally and not righteously, they are not different from those preparing a dead body for its grave.
Run from those who tell you Jesus is nice but are not telling you that He is coming to judge like a Lion of the tribe of Judah.
Run from those who tell you only about God’s love but are not telling you about His terrible judgment day.
Run from those who only tell you about God’s miracles but do not tell you about His hell fire where sinners will eternally suffer terrible agony and pains with gnashing of teeth and wailing.
Run from those who tell you about God’s justification but will not tell you about his condemnation of the sinners who die without repentance.
Where do you now run to?
Run to the HOLY BIBLE – the complete word of God (the perfect truth) and not deceitful motivational talks from the kingdom of darkness. In the Holy Bible you will see the biblical Jesus and not the religious, compromised or half truth theory of Jesus which will be cast into hell fire.
Jesus is coming soon, be prepared and be ready, the kingdom of God is near and the judgment day is sure for all. Death is sure for all, after death no second chance for anybody. Remember, only your physical body dies, your spirit does not die but will leave your body at death and proceed to judgment. Take a decision that will define your eternal life now. Accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, ask Him to wash you in His blood shed on the cross. Welcome Him into your heart now, so that you will not enter into eternal regret.
Remain holiness minded, rapturable and heaven focus.

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