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The True Liberty from Sins

Point of Focus for the Week – The True Liberty from Sins

(Hosea 10:12, Isaiah 64:6, Philippians 3:9, Luke 18:13,14; John 8:36)

“If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed” ( John 8: 36 ).

What is true liberty from sin? It is when we are free from the power and nature of sins. It is when all the knowledge and deceits of sins become foolishness to us. It is when the pleasure of sin is to us as dung and vanity. It is when we no more struggle with sins or with doing good. It is when we are no more bound to the regret of our past wrongs (sins). It is when we are free from the bondage (no more captive to enticement) of the pleasure of sins. It is when we are free from the bondage of regrets of past lives that the lord of sins afflicts one with. It is when we are free from struggling and no more struggle with walking with God. It is when we are free from the fear of who we can turn out to be in future, maybe we can still remain in Christ, in His Vineyard or swerve away. This is true freedom from sins.

It is not a freedom from sins yet, if we are still struggling with the power and nature of sins, and if the nature of sins is still pleasant to us. If we still fear the power of sins (we are slave to not only that which we obey but also to that which we fear). When we have not physically committed a sin but our thoughts have been taken captive already and we struggle with the thought of a sin we have not commited.

How can we receive the freedom from sins?

Indeed the Lord is leading us to where we can receive our freedom from sins. Before then, He is showing us first, those things that so much look like what will offer us freedom from sins: but do not even possess it not to talk of offering it. In this light, receiving freedom from sins is

1) not by rules and principles (If righteousness is sought this way, it only creates a life of burdens and frustration).

2) not by our power, knowledge, strength or experience (this only amounts to nothing).

3) not we deceiving ourselves and confessing that we are free when indeed we are not yet (this only creates the worst hypocrites).

4) not by parental inheritance (we only inherit corruption and all works of the flesh, Romans 3:23)


Liberty from the power of sins

It is when we know that the Lord owns both to will and to do of His good will in us. That what I do now is Christ in me and no longer me. It is when the fear of future sin has been removed from us and the hope of Jesus’ righteousness settles us (Romans 6:18-22).

Liberty from the nature of sins

The nature we inherited from Adam is the nature of sin. This is like saying there are genes we inherit from our parents that in conception and birth we do not have choice of deciding to reject or accept. Either we like it or not, it has been there in us controling us and not we controling it. We had no choice at the time of birth, which is the first birth ie the natural births. We continue with this Adamic body of sins and its condemnation until we meet Christ and approach His cross at Calvary. It is at the feet of the cross at Calvary that we give up our struggling alone (with our power and might) to please God. The old nature is removed by Christ and He gives us a new nature which is His nature of righteousness. When we rise at Calvary, sin would have lost its grip (the power it uses over us either by deceit or by compulsion). We then indeed have a new Lord Jesus who is now in charge- The old lord of sin defeated by Jesus at the cross after we surrendered.

One is not slave to who He obeys only but also slave to WHOEVER or WHATEVER HE FEAR.

The Point of Focus for this week is to make us to engage our Redeemer on receiving freedom from the power and nature of sins. It is not only about claiming this but also for us to receive it.

Now, how do we receive it? Our precious Saviour has made it so simple. To receive it? Ask for it! From who? Jesus Christ (Matthew 1:31). You cannot receive what is not yours just by claiming it without first asking for it from the very owner. This righteousness is not ours, our righteousness is filthiness until we submit, accept and yield to our Lord Jesus who is the Righteousness of God (Hosea 10:12, Isaiah 64:6, Philippians 3:9). Ask for your freedom from sins from Jesus Christ our Lord, He is the Righteousness of God.

How do we ask Him?

Again beloved, He has also made it so simple too. For example if I am a liar, I will go to Jesus in prayer telling Him “I am a liar” and telling Him how wretched and miserable I am that I cannot help myself unless He helps me. I will tell Him to remove that corruption from me. Most importantly beloved, it is no longer you that prays but the Holy Spirit will take over from you (Luke 18:13,14; Romans 8:26,27).

How do we receive?

By faith. Once the Holy Spirit confirms this liberty to us, we believe it.

So, will the devil (doer of evil) stop pestering us with his antics of sins?

Not really, but when he comes with them, tell him, “the me you seek for is no more, and the place is not empty but Jesus lives there”. When the devil suggest sin to you for instance the sin of fraud, say “Lord Jesus they said You should be involved in fraud”. If he bothers you with the sin of lie, call Jesus, “Lord Jesus, You are the One here, no longer me, so they just said you should tell a lie”. Beloved, then you will see yourself free from the struggles of having to keep rebuking him. Now, the battle is no longer yours but Christ, because “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed” ( John 8: 36 ).

All glory to You oh Lord of our righteousness!


Prayer Points

1) Lord Jesus, thank You for the victory at the cross, over the power and nature of sins.

2) Lord Jesus, I receive Your true liberty from sins which you settled with Your death and resurrection at Calvary.

3) Father, glorify Yourself in this body You made in Your image, in Jesus name.

4) My yesterday is settled with Jesus, my today lies in Jesus and Jesus is my hope for tomorrow, in Jesus name.

5) Oh Lord of my righteousness, let Your will be done concerning me, in Jesus name.

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