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My Sheep Know and Hear My Voice

(John 10:1-8, 14-16, 26-29)

Jesus is our good Shepherd. We are His sheep.

He came to the earth for us. He walked the earth because of us. He laid down His life for us. He gave up is guiltlessness in other to be clothed with our guilts, so that He would suffer and die as a condemned one on the cross. He gave up is body: pierced and bruised for us. He was cut off without a generation for our sake. He took condemnation for our sake. He poured out His blood-a sinless one, for us. He resurrected and ascended into the right hand of God for us.

He did all these and many more which are not outlined here. Much will not be known until we get to the kingdom of God and see all He has gone there to prepare for us.

However, all these will not be meaningful in us or through us, if we do not know His voice. If we will receive all He has done for us, then we must obey His voice. Our obedience depends on how well we hear Him. Our hearing depends on if we know His voice when He speaks.

Please note that our point of Focus for the week is not about how well we hear Him. It is about knowing His voice ie recognize ing His voice. What Father is talking to us about, is our not being sure if we heard Him and not being able to recognize His voice among several voices we hear.

We can imagine how it will be odd for our children not to recognize our voice? Imagine  speaking to our children and they are not even able to recognize our voice. How odd and unimaginable will it be if among the crowd they are confused with many voices and cannot know which one is their parent’s voice? Such children might follow strangers’ voice. In like manner, when we do not know if we are hearing Jesus Christ our Lord’s voice we might be responding to enemy’s voice. God forbids!

The confusion may then lead one to hearing Jesus’ voice and not knowing it is His voice. It may even make us follow enemies, thinking we are following Jesus’ voice. God forbids it in Jesus name.

At times what lead to disobedience may be because we cannot recognize our Lord’s voice.

In other to know (recognize ) His voice, these are what we need to consider among other ones, as the Holy Spirit will lead us.

1) We need to keep getting closer to Him (by prayers and obeying His Word as we meditate on it)

2) We must test all voices to know if the one we hear is Jesus’ voice or not. Whichever is not biblical is not Jesus’ voice. If it is selfish or consist of evil even if it is a trace of it, then it is not our Lord’s voice.

3) Do not cook up in your mind what you would want Father to speak to you. Always be prepared to hear Father’s will, even if it is against your will. Do not be about your will but seek Father’s will at all times. Most time we are bent on hearing what suits us, this makes Jesus keeps away, making the devil move closer, to feed on the lust of our mind. The devil would easily tell such person what he is bent on hearing.

4) Do not restrict manners of Father’s voice to only a known method. This can be so misleading. Father can speak through any method. He once spoke through a donkey. It can be gentle or loud. That we are hearing a voice speaking through a way we have always known is not an evidence or certainty that it is our Lord’s voice.

When we know our Shepherd’s voice, we will not stray away or get lost. When we know His voice, we will be close to doing His will and manifesting all He has for us, John 14:22-24.

May we indeed know the voice of who we serve in Jesus name.

Prayer Points

1) Lord Jesus, let me know and follow Your voice.

2) Lord Jesus, give me grace to test and discern which voice is Yours.

3) Father, guide my mind against selfish and willful ideas that take the place of Your voice in me, in Jesus name.

4) Holy Spirit, break out against every impostor’s voice, in Jesus name.

5) Lord Jesus, great are what You bought for me with Your blood, by your great mercy, manifest them in my life.


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