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In Unity Lies Our Victory Against Our Common Enemy: The Devil

Christ did not give different gift to cause divisions. He gave different gift to everyone to complement others. What I lack might be what Christ has richly blessed you with. What we are blessed with is what we can bless others with.

Different gifts show that we should be in unity to function fully as complete body of Christ.

Different gifts do not mean division nor are they weapons of the devil.

Now where comes the strife, if not from the different gift. Where comes the division, if not the the different manifestation. I, for this and you, for that. I, for healing and you, for exhortation. Thinking deliverance has nothing to do with doing good. Or maybe a singer thinking he/ she has nothing doing with teaching ministry.

The source of division is our pride, selfishness, fear (inferiority complex), envy, secret sins and every stinking and filthy works of flesh. This we cannot trace to Jesus but to the devil the master of all deceit. So, different gifts is not devil’s weapon but our filthy works of flesh are the weapons for the devil.

The flesh in us think as a deliverance minister I can do without the teaching minister.

The flesh in us think as a gifted singer I have all it takes to be sufficient for Christ in isolation.

When teaching would have help the prophet to increase in the knowlege of Christ, the work of prophecy would have also revealed the deep secret of God to the teaching minister.

When songs would have minister more of the good things of God to the souls and minds of prophet or deliverance minister, he might be of the opinion that he is sufficient in Christ being isolated from the fold and brethren.

Yes, we are sufficient in Christ. And not in ourselves. Christ is not just you or me isolated, Christ is all of us put together and in unity.

Not to be at peace with your fellow is a weapon for the devil to deny you of your heavenly home, knowing fully that he his no more a partaker of heaven.

That little envy, pride and selfishness can deny you of the blessing of the  richness of God Gift in your fellow. Ultimately it can make the devil win the battle for your soul and make you lose heaven. Who will then earn the treasure you worked for ?

No wonder there will be treasure to be shared to others who won the race exceptionally.

Jesus, please help us to faithfully play and fulfil our part in You.

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